Tbilisi Architecture Biennial October 2024

Tbilisi Architecture Biennial October 2024
Oct 2024

Tbilisi, Georgia

Founded in 2017, Tbilisi Architecture Biennial is a platform unifying local and international professionals. TAB organizes exhibitions, installations, workshops, symposiums, and activities around the critical, timely issues of focus every two years in Tbilisi.

In 2024, the fourth edition of TAB will concentrate on the subject of common natural resources, their commodification and the right to nature. The program will unite various activities, highlighting public interventions, documentation-based exhibitions, and interactive spatial development.

What we look for in LINA fellows

The TAB 2024 team welcomes emerging creatives who are willing to engage in curatorial and exhibition design activities with us. We are looking for people with management, curatorial and design experience.