2022 — 2023

Call for LINA Members 2022

LINA, the European architecture platform, invites cultural, heritage, academic, research, media and other organisations in the field of architecture to become part of the platform’s extensive network and contribute to its 2023–2024 LINA Architecture Programme.

The Call for Members is closed as of 26 September 2022. Because of significant interest in the call, the results will be announced in the first week of October.

Who we are

LINA platform is helping architecture tackle the climate and environmental crisis. Through its programme, it promotes projects that help make the European Green Deal a reality. LINA is an alliance of architectural museums, universities, research networks, foundations, triennials, biennials, and other organisations active in the field of architecture or its cross-section with other fields.

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What we do

LINA connects prominent players in the field of architecture with emerging practitioners and thinkers in architecture. Its goal is to steer the architectural sector towards sustainable, circular and environmentally clean practices, to link the existing efforts into a united LINA Architecture Programme, and highlight new and emerging voices, giving them an international platform.

The LINA Architecture Programme is carried out by LINA members. Each year, they offer the chance for LINA fellows to become part of their programme, feature their work through lectures, workshops, mentorships, or other collaborative formats, and help their ideas reach further and gain an international audience.

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What we expect

We’re looking for proposals for architectural happenings and events that will help form the 2023–2024 LINA Architecture Program and will include LINA fellows to promote them and help them develop their practices.

Becoming a part of the platform offers an opportunity to connect with prominent organisations and practitioners in Europe. The selected applicant will be invited to become a full member of the LINA platform and will receive a grant of 15,000 EUR per year to support their activities.

Please read through the Terms and conditions carefully, as eligibility restrictions apply.

Terms & Conditions


This Call for Members is open to legal entities. It is intended for cultural organisations and institutions who operate in the area of architecture.

When submitting their application, applicants must be in a position to demonstrate their status as legal entity for at least the previous 2 years from date of submission.

To qualify as a LINA member, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • must be established as companies, associations or organisations active in the cultural and creative sector
  • must be key players in the field of architecture in their local environment and/or internationally
  • must act as one of the main sources of information or producers of content related to architecture in their residing country and/or internationally
  • demonstrate a commitment to improving the sustainable, circular and environmentally clean practices in architecture
  • have skills to create outstanding and well-visited events
  • demonstrate innovative approach in presenting urban issues, architecture and design
  • contribute to the Europe-wide communication of ideas, information and values
  • stimulate creativity and create alternatives to the established models of operation
  • have recent experience in working with emerging practitioners and thinkers in architecture.

List of eligible countries

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Czech Republic
North Macedonia
Republic of Cyprus
Republic of Serbia

Evaluation criteria

A grant will be awarded to proposals that will follow the goals of the LINA platform and will contribute to the overall outcomes of the platform.

The applicant should ensure that a minimum of 4 LINA fellows are included in their programme over the period of 2 years.

The applicant should provide a minimum of 20% of their own financial support on top of the grant they will receive.

The coordinating entity will assess the applications on these evaluation criteria, specifically and in this sequence:

  • the extent of relevance and quality of the activity
  • the number of LINA fellows to be included in the activity
  • the coproduction with other members of the LINA platform
  • the added value brought to the LINA platform by the applicant (reach, diversity, specific expertise)
  • the extent of possible secondary benefits

For the LINA platform, geographical dispersion is an important criterion for achieving the desired goals. Applicants from countries not yet included in the platform will be treated as a priority. Nevertheless, the quality of the proposed activities is the key basis for selecting a new member.


The LINA Governing board will decide on the recipient of the grant and inform applicants of the decision by 30 September 2022.

All applicants are kindly invited to participate at the 2022 LINA Conference at the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana, 21–22 October 2022, where we will announce the results and present the new member.

If you’d like to present your organisation and its programme to the attendees of the LINA Conference, don’t hesitate to contact us at! Participation is free and highly encouraged.