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The European platform LINA is a network connecting relevant institutions with emerging practitioners and thinkers who work at the intersection of architecture and other fields related to spatial culture: it aims to promote up-and-coming talent. LINA’s goal is to steer design and building processes towards regenerative practices and principles of de-growth in line with the values of the European Green Deal.

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Lina members

A growing alliance of museums, universities, research networks, foundations, triennials, biennials, and other European and Mediterranean organisations—LINA members—carries out a series of events taking place all over Europe. The LINA Architecture Programme is supported by the European Union within the eligible countries of the Creative Europe Programme.

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Faculty of Architecture of the University of Ljubljana

The platform is coordinated by the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia’s foremost educational institution in the fields of architecture and urbanism. That’s where the representatives of the platform meet up each June, and on Fridays, you can come visit the team (but please shoot us an email first).

LINA team

LINA team

Matevž Čelik
Head of LINA Platform

Mateja Kurir, PhD

Nuša Zupanc

Hana Cirman
PR Coordinator

Maja Bevc
Financial Coordinator

General Assembly

Representatives of the LINA members form the General Assembly, which meets twice a year to discuss the trajectory of the platform. They cast votes to select the 25 projects, whose authors become LINA fellows, and confirm the Governing Board.

Members General assembly
Architecture at the Edge Frank Monahan
Architectuul Boštjan Bugarič
Architektūros fondas Martynas Germanavičius
Art Academy of Latvia Dina Suhanova
Atelier LUMA Daniel Bell
Barleti University Saimir Kristo
Beta - Romanian Order of Architects Alexandra Trofin
BINA Association of Belgrade Architects Danica Jovović Prodanović
Copenhagen Architecture Festival Josephine Michau
DAI-SAI Ana Dana Beroš
Design Academy Eindhoven Remco van der Zouw
dpr-barcelona Cesar Reyes Najera
Estonian Museum of Architecture Triin Ojari
ETSAM UPM Madrid Juan Herreros Guerra
Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana Matevž Čelik
Forecast Freo Majer
Fundacio Mies van der Rohe Ivan Blasi
HDA – House of Architecture Beate Engelhorn
Irish Architecture Foundation Emmet Scanlon
KÉK János Klaniczay
Kosovo Architecture Foundation Bekim Ramku
LIFT / Days of Architecture Irhana Sehović
Lisbon Architecture Triennale Manuel Henriques
Living Summer School (Bolwerk) Elena Falomo
MAXXI National museum of 21st century arts Pippo Ciorra
METALAB Anna Dobrova
Oslo Architecture Triennale Christian Pagh
The Royal Academy of Arts Hana Nihill
S AM Swiss Architecture Museum Andreas Ruby
Sandberg Institute Julian Schubert
Tbilisi Architecture Biennale Tinatin Gurgenidze
TU Wien, Institute of Architectural Design Tina Gregorič
Theatrum Mundi John Bingham-Hall
VI PER Gallery Irena Lehkoživova

Governing Board

The Governing Board consists of 5 representatives of the General Assembly joined by the Head of LINA platform. They confirm all major strategic decisions of the platform, confirm new LINA fellows and select new members of the platform.

2023/2024 Governing Board
Faculty of Architecture of the University of Ljubljana Matevž Čelik
Tbilisi Architecture Biennial Tinatin Gurgenidze
DAI-SAI Ana Dana Beroš
Fundació Mies van der Rohe Ivan Blasi
dpr-barcelona Cesar Reyes Najera
Forecast Freo Majer
2022/2023 Governing Board
Faculty of Architecture of the University of Ljubljana Matevž Čelik
Architektūros fondas Martynas Germanavičius
DAI-SAI Ana Dana Beroš
TU Wien Tina Gregorič
dpr-barcelona Cesar Reyes Najera
Lisbon Architecture Triennale Manuel Henriques

Steering committee

The steering committee is in charge of the financial and managerial oversight of the platform. Through monthly meetings, three advisors, professors at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Ljubljana, consult the team in strategic decision making.

Steering Committee members:
Matej Blenkuš
Tadeja Zupančič
Vasa Perović

Dissemination Committee

The dissemination committee supports the Platform Head and the Governing Board in communicating and disseminating the activities and results of the Platform at the European and international professional level.

European Association for Architecture Education ACE


LINA Platform is co-financed by the European Union through the Creative Europe programme from 2022 to 2025.