Copenhagen Architecture Festival

CAFx is first and foremost Scandinavia's largest annual architecture festival. Since its establishment in 2014, through lectures, exhibitions, excursions, debates, an extensive film program and more, CAFx focuses on the places where the transformations of architecture intersect with life. The festival depicts visions, conflicts and historical transformations in the built environment, exploring the boundaries between aesthetics, function and identity. Our approach is based on collaborations across disciplines, practices and experiences.

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Mar — May 2024
Rethinking Resources - Towards the 0 Waste City

Halmtorvet 27, Copenhagen, Denmark
Organised by: Copenhagen Architecture Festival

21 — 28 Jan 2023
Tirana, Film & Architecture Workshops: Leave No One Behind

Barleti University, Tirana, Albania
Organised by: Barleti University, Copenhagen Architecture Festival

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