Got more questions? Send them to hello@lina.community. We'll publish answers as we go.

Who is eligible

  • Registered residents of the 40 countries that participate in the Creative Europe programme
  • For collectives: at least one representative needs to be eligible
  • You will be asked to provide proof (nationality or residency) in the form of a passport, identity card, or other residency confirmation document issued by an official entity
  • You can only apply with 1 project as the lead applicant, but you can be a collaborator on more projects.

Who is emerging

  • Those who have not achieved international recognition
  • The criteria of being established will be judged on an individual basis. If you have received significant international media coverage, international awards, have received wide critical acclaim for your published works, or hold an established position at an educational institution, your status of emerging might be in question
  • No age limit

What is a project

  • Very wide definition: ideas, initiatives, frameworks, proposals, publications, practices, and concepts
  • Realised or unrealised
  • If you are selected, you will not receive funding to develop this project, though some collaborations within the LINA Architecture Programme may facilitate it
  • The works should not be produced as part of an educational process (if it's your Master thesis, it should be developed further: through your own practice and work experience)
  • Key focus: environmental issues and spatial culture
  • Criteria: radical, thought-through, innovative. They're all in the Open Call text: read it closely.

Who is a LINA fellow

  • Individual/collective that has applied to the open call, with at least one eligible representative, recognised as emerging creatives
  • Is selected by LINA General Assembly vote and confirmed by LINA Governing Board
  • Is invited to attend the LINA Conference to network with LINA members
  • Receives promotion through LINA platform channels
  • Is eligible to collaborate with LINA members in their events of the LINA Architecture Programme by mutual individual agreement, with their travel, accommodation and honorariums reimbursed by the programme
  • Alternatively, any author or group that has applied to the Open Call, who is emerging and eligible, can become a LINA fellow by direct invitation from a LINA member to participate in their event (even if you're not selected among the 25, you can still be picked by an individual organisation for their activity!)
  • The LINA fellowship is not a full-time position: your engagement depends on the number of collaborations you form with LINA members (and the amount of work they entail). Your honorarium is negotiated individually with LINA members.

What happens if I get selected

  • The LINA team gets in touch with the good news on 31 August
  • We confirm your eligibility
  • You get invited to the LINA Conference (9 & 10 October in Copenhagen). We cover travel and accommodation for one eligible representative of the project
  • You take part in the conference programme: on day 1, you present yourself/ your team and the project you applied with; and take part in a matchmaking session to see which LINA members are a good fit for your collaboration. On day 2, you attend the focus talks by invited speakers, and take part in the accompanying programme
  • After the conference, you reach out to LINA members and discuss potential collaborations. These can take place from November 2023 - October 2024
  • If a LINA fellow is a collective, only one representative can participate in an event at a time. By individual agreement, this can be extended to multiple representatives, but their fees are not covered by the platform

What is the LINA Architecture Programme

  • A series of events taking place throughout the year
  • As LINA fellows get selected in October, they can participate in events from November 2023 till October 2024: not all the events are live yet, and not all the dates are set in stone
  • When applying and selecting events you are interested in, pay attention to the format of the events and your interest in the programme of LINA members. Collaborations can take part outside these set events (more will be published as the year progresses), or in subsequent iterations of events taking place in summer

Additional questions

  • Can I upload a PDF with my presentation? - No, you can't. You can only fill out the fields in the application form.
  • I'm applying to work with VI PER gallery. Can I work with other members too? - Yes! We suggest you fill out two application forms so that other members get to know you through your other work. This is the only instance where you can apply twice (sorry for the confusion). For instructions, see their event page.
  • Do all team members have to be eligible? - No, only the main applicant needs to be eligible. You can mark which members are eligible to participate in the LINA Architecture Programme in the application form, where they will be required to form individual contracts with LINA members.
  • How do we select the events? Should they be the ones that fit our project best? - Not necessarily: pick the ones that you personally find most interesting and that offer modes of participation that appeal to you most.
  • What is the field “4.2 Additional information” for? - The field is there so that you can disclose anything you'd like for us to be aware of, but you don't want to share publicly. It's perfectly ok to leave it empty, but if you want to tell us anything, please feel free to do so.
  • Does the project need to be based in Europe? - No, the subject of your project can deal with any topic and take place anywhere in the world.
  • I don't have a website, but it's a required field. - No worries: just post a link to your most important social network.
  • I won't be able to attend the conference. Can I still apply? - Yes, but we highly encourage at least one member of your team to be present at the conference, as it's vital to the formation of collaborations with LINA members.
  • How does the selection process work? - One representative of each LINA member looks through all the applications and cast the votes for the projects they find most interesting. Then, the Governing Board double-checks if the authors of the highest-rated applications fit the criteria and confirms their choice.