szabadonbalaton x gubahámori


Budapest, Hungary
szabadonbalaton x gubahámori
Team members
Diána Berecz
Bence Fülöp
Sándor Guba
Péter Hámori
Gergely Papp
András Zlinszky

szabadonbalaton (“free Balaton”) is a research-based ecological cultural initiative and cross-sectoral collaboration of artists and scientists hosted by PAD Foundation, with the aim to draw attention to the ecological needs and risks of Central European largest lake, Lake Balaton in Hungary. szabadonbalaton's working formats have a multidisciplinary approach, focusing not only on individual problems but also on the interrelations of various climate and ecological challenges caused by human interventions. szabadonbalaton conceptualised and co-produced the ecological cultural program series BALATORIUM for the European Capital of Culture Veszprém-Balaton 2023, involving numerous institutions, artists, scientists and experts, attracting thousands of visitors throughout 2022-2023.

GUBAHÁMORI is an architectural and urban design studio. Their work focuses on the relationship between natural and non-natural habitats. In most cases, they seek the collaboration of professionals from the natural and social sciences and the fine arts.
The studio develops comprehensive strategies to promote climate resilience in the built environment, employing a multiscalar approach from territorial to human scale objects. Their toolkit includes flexible programming, cost-effective, and passive architectural solutions with minimal technological interventions. In 2021, they were invited to the Polish Pavilion at the 17th Venice Architecture Biennale (The Sacred Species). In 2022, their Kútház adaptive reuse project was nominated for the international Piranesi Prize. In 2023, they participated in the BALATORIUM program series, focusing on the futurescapes of beach and waterfront reconstructions.

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szabadonbalaton x gubahámori
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