Bioregional Design Practice

Bioregional Design Practice
1 Dec 2024 — 1 Jul 2025

Arles, France
Organised by: Atelier LUMA

How can we use local resources in ways that make environmental and social systems stronger? Atelier LUMA, a program of LUMA Arles, has been exploring bioregional design practices in the South of France and elsewhere since 2016. In contrast to territories, which have human-made borders, bioregions are defined by ecosystems and environmental conditions, and by how people have lived in and alongside them.

A biodesign lab, Atelier LUMA developed a four-part methodology for building bioregional assemblages of materials and know-how: find, connect, engage, and share. During each phase, it works closely with local stakeholders and specialized partners. Currently establishing new partnerships around the world, Atelier LUMA is guided by the idea that production systems must be scaled to match local resources and needs. Going beyond the notion of a conventional circular economy, Atelier LUMA aims to build dense and complex networks, weaving ties between different kinds of stakeholders. These networks will contribute to resilience in the face of the climate crisis and societal pressures by making new paths forward possible.

As part of the LINA platform the Atelier will host a number of residents at our headquarters in Arles, France. We are seeking emerging practitioners in design and architecture who are already engaged in sustainable design practice

Collaboration profiles

We are seeking Fellows who have a very strong competency in research around sustainable design practice and have projects that demonstrate this ability. We have a preference for material focused research but are also open to other types of research.