Exhibition of the Experiments' platform

Experiments’ Platform is an initiative of Architektūros fondas that operates as an incubator for unique and only yet emerging ideas. Providing the necessary educational, community-based and practical networks as its environmental learning conditions, it seeks to help young spatial practitioners to develop their ideas, research and projects—experiments—at an initial stage. The educational part of the learning environment consists of a group of mentors, carefully selected to handle each cycle of the Experiments’ Platform, who are seen as supporting guides, helping participants to navigate their personal experiments. The second, community-based part includes selected participants: young spatial practitioners seeking to develop their projects during the cycle of experimentation. Finally, the last part consists of practical networks of resource, project management and other types of hands-on support.

From scientific precision to artistic persuasiveness, Experiments’ Platform broadens the boundaries of the discipline of architecture to include and apply the practices and methods of different disciplines. The programme aims to develop opportunities for a fundamental rethinking of both traditional and unexplored architectural fields. In these processes, mentors support participants in their search for individual research and spatial practices, inviting participants to engage in community processes and discussions, share their experiences and collectively think through questions related to spatial practices and the role of a spatial practitioner.

This second cycle of the Experiments’ Platform programme invited 13 participants to delve into three questions—‘What do we have?’, ‘What do we need?’ and ‘What do we want?’—which open up three interconnecting pathways for the participants’ research and the programme itself. The first question, ‘What do we have?’, was an invitation to look at the present, raise ecological and geopolitical awareness and explore the functional and dysfunctional present. The second question, ‘What do we need?’, led to actions that can be taken now for a better tomorrow. Finally, the question ‘What do we want?’ encouraged to explore dreams of speculative futures, personal desires and sometimes self-centredness, moving away from the role of an architect. The 13 participants of the platform, with the help of mentors, developed their thoughts and alternative approaches to architectural practice in the context of these three questions.

The processes that took place during the Experiments’ Platform offered a collection of complex answers to the questions raised. All these thoughts fell into the outcome of an exhibition, which found its place in the public hallway of the cultural centre SODAS 2123. Gently scattered around, softly wrapped in womb-like light, the experiments lasted in this transit space for a brief moment.

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Participants of Experiments’ Platform:

Agnė Rubytė, Evelina Ąžuolaitytė, Oles Makukhin, Erik Vojevodin, Evelina Bartusevičiūtė, Magdalena Beliavska, Emilija Rakutienė, Lukas Jusas, Augustas Lapinskas, Kamilė Vasiliauskaitė, Aistė Gaidilionytė, Augusta Orlauskaitė, Ieva Julija Bagdonaitė.

Mentors of the Experiments’ Platform:

Architecture Uncomfortable Workshop (Dénes Emil Ghyczy, Lukács Szederkényi), Millonaliu (Klodiana Millona, Yuan Chun Liu), Miodrag Kuč, Erika Henriksson.

Curator and architect of the exhibition – Gabrielė Černiavskaja.

Coordinator – Gabrielė Janilionytė.

Lighting – Justas Bø.

Photography – Laurynas Skeisgiela.

Collaboration with LINA fellows

In the upcoming season of the Experiments' Platform we will invite LINA fellows to participate in the programme and become mentors.