Oslo Architecture Triennale – Transforming Neighbourhoods

Oslo Architecture Triennale – Transforming Neighbourhoods
Oct 2023 — May 2024

Oslo, Norway

In 2024 the Oslo Architecture Triennale continues the research on the scale of the neighbourhood as horizon for rethinking the future of our cities. 

For this cycle we will focus on processes of transformation on a neighbourhood scale and invite the fellows to share knowledge and bring new and critical perspectives on how we can form more holistic, socially diverse, and sustainable neighbourhoods. 

Working with their own cities, the fellows are invited to produce a short film about places, situations, strategies, or actions that contribute to trigger transformation and positive change for the local contexts and communities. 

The films will be presented through the Oslo Architecture Triennale digital channels, and the fellows will be invited to participate in a round table discussion in Oslo during the Spring of 2024.

What we look for in LINA fellows

We are looking forward to collaborating with critical and engaged minds, concerned with processes of transformation on the scale of the neighbourhood and it's impact on the local communities. You should have interest and experience in working with film and be passionate about sharing your ideas, organizing workshops and participating in round table discussions.