Trans practices

Trans practices
Feb 2024

Madrid, Spain
Organised by: ETSAM UPM Madrid

Architecture is a practice capable of transferring intellectual and material models to other activities of all kinds. Beyond the instrumental use of other disciplinary fields superficially, it must recognize its limitations and initiate effective collaboration with those agents who can make these forms of trans-disciplinarity possible.

TRANS is an ongoing and open project whose main objective is to connect the challenges, emergencies and contemporary cultural innovations with a transformation of the agenda of our discipline, thus enhancing the real impact of trans-architecture in our society.

TRANS PRACTICES will take place at Madrid’s Technical School of Architecture (ETSAM), where fellows from all over Europe will have the chance to discuss with other members of academia and architectural professionals the challenges that architecture will face in the incoming years.

What we look for in LINA fellows

TRANS PRACTICES is looking for young European practices exploring intersections and shared spaces between areas of knowledge and emerging contexts in order to rethink and build new scenarios of architectural practice.