The Future of Architecture - Writing and curating grants

As part of the LINA Open Call 2023, VI PER Gallery is launching two open calls – for a publishing project and for an curatorial/exhibition project.

We are looking for proposals with high public engagement connecting architecture, urban planning, design, and other disciplines, and current societal and political issues, which deals with the contemporary urgent topics and emergencies – social inequality and social gap; populational and structural changes of the society; gender; migration; violence; war; human rights; artificial inteligence; crisis of traditional politics and political divisiveness; the rise of nationalism, authoritarianism and far-right movements; urban development and city growth; housing; climate crisis and other environmental problems; politics of food, goods, platforms, and other services; racial, social, work and health injustice; education; public health; etc. – and which look for solutions for the possible future. 

What we look for in LINA fellows

We welcome original projects with new and innovative ideas, strong critical thinking and a clear conceptual approach. The calls are open to all professions and fields of interest: architects, artists, designers, historians, curators, academics, researchers, writers (induviduals or groups), and anyone else interested.


VI PER will select two fellows. Each selected proposal will be published as a separate book. The book will be distributed world-wide by Idea Books.

We ask for the submission of a detailed book proposal:

- an abstract of the idea and topic to be explored (max. 2000 characters), which you can enter in the Open Call application under "2.3 - Project description"

- a sample of your writing (you may submit a recent article or book chapter, sample from master or Ph.D. thesis, etc.), which you should upload to Google Drive or Dropbox, and enter the link in the Open Call application under "4.2 - Additional information"

The final essay should be cca 100,000–160,000 characters long. Each selected author of the publication will receive a writing grant of 2,000€ to produce the work.

Selected proposals will be published in the same book series as our two previous supported projects published in 2021:

Marisa Cortright, “Can this be? Surely this cannot be?” Architectural Workers Organizing in Europe

---> read more here

Menna Agha and Ola Hassanain, There, is the city… And, here are my hands

---> read more here


VI PER is also looking for an exhibition project. This year, VI PER – together with Lisbon Architecture Triennale – will select one curator or group of curators, who will cooperate with us closely during the period 2023–24. In this time frame the curator(s) will develop further the exhibition proposal into a precisely formulated curatorial concept and format. The exhibition will then include 1–2 projects selected from the LINA open call in 2024, the rest of the participants may be invited outside of LINA platform. The exhibition will take place at VI PER Gallery, Prague, in late 2024 or early 2025, and later in Lisbon as part of the Lisbon Architecture Triennale activities. The selected curator(s) will be invited to Prague in the fall 2023 for the first in-person meeting. Part of the program will be a series of events related to the exhibition.

The application must contain:

- title of the project

- abstract (2000 characters), which you can enter in the Open Call application under "2.3 - Project description"

- a detail project proposal (up to 1,000 words), which you should upload to Google Drive or Dropbox, and enter the link in the Open Call application under "4.2 - Additional information

When applying to the LINA Open Call, please select "The Future of Architecture - Writing and curating grants" as the event you're interested in and add your specific interest (writing OR curating) to the comment box.

Important information from the LINA team

As these instructions contradict the official LINA application form instructions, applicants who are interested in collaborating with LINA members other than VI PER are asked to fill out a second application form. In your second application, please follow official LINA application form instructions.

This is to give you an even footing with other applicants, so that other member organisations can evaluate your past work and not only the application-specific pitch for VI PER.

Please write to for further clarification if needed, and thank you for your understanding.