MAXXI Architecture Film Lab

The representation of architecture, ever since Palladio and Alberti who were the first ones to use images in their treaties, has somehow changed architecture itself. Drawings, sketches, paintings at first, photography, film and computer graphics afterwards, made the social role, the political message and the cultural value of architecture accessible and relevant to a wider public in every part of the world. It is no particular wonder then that this aspect of design has always received particular attention from architects who in time have turned to professional photographers and artists to document and interpret their projects. 

More recently, thanks to a simplified access to technology and its larger availability, architects, especially among younger generations, are increasingly benefitting from photography and video as a powerful research tool that allows for an accurate and somehow intimate investigation of the built environment and for a more dynamic and engaging representation of their ideas and visions. Symmetrically video and media-artists are focusing their interest towards architecture as a dense repository of ideology, spatial conflicts and consumption, transforming it into an essential narrative tool and, sometimes, even the main character in their stories.

The MAXXI Architecture Film Lab, promoted and organized by MAXXI, takes shape starting from the growing recognition of this exciting contamination between languages and art forms which aims to develop new expressive tools and knowledge shared in the younger generation of architects and video artists. The program will include a series of lectures, meetings with artists and experts, as well as workshops aimed at creating short architectural video works. The group of participants - composed of architects and video artists - will have the opportunity to explore the art of videomaking as a new way of investigating, questioning and reflecting on themes related to architecture and the built environment

Collaboration profiles

Architects, artists, researchers with a specific interest in videomaking and visual art and/or in the theme of the workshop.