TRANS-Natures: climate fictions

TRANS-Natures: climate fictions
Feb — May 2025

Madrid, Spain
Organised by: ETSAM UPM Madrid

TRANS-Natures will explore the many possible transfers between architecture, nature, and climate as strategic alliances. Climate change is a scientific fact, but the related narratives and social agendas are still under deep discussion. As stated by Emilio Santiago, climate change and environmentalist discourses are often perceived as a dead-end fait accompli, which seem to provide little room for action. We live in a key moment to lead a social transformation of enormous significance and responsibility. We need to create the space for more decentralized, simpler, locally based responses on climate change, reaching out to new audiences and envision novel adaptation skills.

We propose a workshop-seminar methodology that combines critical research and speculative practice to revisit the concept of ecotopia, developing the hypothesis of a desirable near future in which architecture is assembled, mediated, and operated for ecosystem restoration. A scenario that reveals architecture, city and landscape as contested surfaces, trapped between the intangible patterns of well-being ratios and the relentless effects of climate change.

Collaboration profiles

We are looking for speculative practices to explore and reactivate the notion of ecotopia in the format of research, public lectures, and design agendas. During Spring Semester, our fellows will be actively working with a group of students of UPM ETSAM 4th year Architecture Design studios. 

From February to May 2024 we will create a meeting place to identify multiple definitions of ecotopia and climate fiction through architecture practices. We also aim to establish connections with other LINA members aligned with these agendas through experimental research and creative production processes.