Periple Duet III

Periple Duet III
Oct 2024 — Apr 2025


The Lisbon Triennale continues its series of travelogues stemming from an emerging generation that grew up with the unprecedented freedom of movement in a wide cross-national common territory. The challenge is to embark on an on-the-move residency, delineating both a journey and its concept for this exercise in observation. The only rule is to keep both feet on the ground: no planes allowed.

For the third time around, we invite fellows to undertake a journey serving as the basis for a reflection on architecture and landscape framed by notions of border, fluidity, displacement, or heritage. We encourage non-linear circuits where wandering, detours and deviations are enticing ways of exploring, to inspire the creation of a sound or audio-visual piece. Like all journeys, it's a learning process through connections collected along the way.

Collaboration profiles

Fellows who are eager to experiment by stepping out of their comfort-zone, driven by curiosity and with bold, intrepid minds.

Those with empathy towards cultural and territorial singularities, bringing them together for a broad audience. 

Thinkers or doers compelled to bring forward architecture’s role in the daily lives of others.