Beyond Shelter. CO-HATY's Approach to Community Housing

Beyond Shelter.  CO-HATY's Approach to  Community Housing
Jun — Sep 2024

Organised by: METALAB

In the face of unprecedented displacement caused by russian full-scale invasion of Ukraine, CO-HATY project emerged as a pioneering transformative community-led housing solutions for internally displaced persons (IDPs) in western part of Ukraine. This proposed book, titled "Beyond Shelter," aims to delve into the context, multifaceted impact, innovative approaches and challenges such community-led projects that can lay the foundation for research and practice-based policies. It will consist of interviews, discussions, essays, researches and personal reflections of team and participants.

Based on successfully pioneered pilot projects on housing operational models experience, we envision a book publication providing valuable insights for scalable solutions. We will invite 2-4 emerging fellows and other members of the LINA platform to contribute research or essays, laying the foundation for practical and impactful housing policies.

Collaboration profiles

The book will feature contributions from key figures involved in the CO-HATY project, including architects, community leaders, and residents. Additionally, we are inviting external contributors, such as academics, policymakers, and experts in the field of emergency housing, to provide valuable perspectives based on their current research about housing models or to join the CO-HATY process, fostering the generation of new ideas and collaborative solutions.

This collective effort seeks to create a dynamic and forward-thinking resource that addresses the multifaceted aspects of emergency housing.