Understanding City Growth

Understanding City Growth
May — Jun 2025

Cultural Centre of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia

In 2025, we will organize the LINA exhibition, which rounds off the three-year work on the topic "Understanding City Growth". The curator and designer of the installation will be LINA fellows selected from the Open Call 2024. The exhibition will show the works of LINA fellows (6) that were created as a result of residencies organized in Belgrade in the period 2022/24. A special part of the exhibition would be the contributions that these fellows realized within the program of other LINA members where they participated. In this way, we want to point out the scope and importance of the LINA platform, which opens opportunities for cooperation and connecting emerging creatives at different levels. In accordance with the agreement with LINA members, this exhibition could be shown in other cities as well.

The BINA festival addresses a wide audience, and as the exhibition will be organized in one of the most representative city galleries, we believe that it will have a large attendance, both professional and general audience. Bearing in mind that the backbone of the exhibition is the future of Belgrade, we believe that the audience will easily identify with the theme and actively participate in the accompanying programs.

Collaboration profiles

For the BINA/LINA 24/25 program, we would like to collaborate with fellows who have an interest and experience in the theoretical reflection on urban development. The selected LINA fellows are expected to form their own position based on an insight into local history and the situation on the ground, and then to design a group exhibition by analyzing the completed works from previous years. For the implementation of this program, we need two profiles of participants: the author of the concept-curator of the exhibition and the designer of the setting.

It is especially important that the chosen fellows have an affinity for teamwork and communication.