Oslo Architecture Triennale 2024 - Autumn Programme

Aug 2024 — May 2025

Oslo, Norway

For the collaboration with LINA in the autumn 2024, the Oslo Architecture Triennale will examine places and projects that allow for an increased presence of nature in human made environments on a neighbourhood scale. 

Nature is fundamental for all life forms. Yet, the world is facing an unprecedent nature crisis, leading to the disruption of ecosystems and an accelerating loss of biodiversity caused by human activity. While the scale of the crisis demands a systemic and global approach, strategies and actions on a local scale can also offer a valuable contribution. The neighbourhood scale offers its own set of possibilities for testing and developing new and alternative solutions and encourage more caring and empathic ways of living together. 

Collaboration profiles

Working with a case from their own city or context, the fellows are invited to produce a short film about places, strategies or actions and elaborate a critical reflection on how to transform and create conditions for nurturing the presence of nature and biodiversity in neighbourhoods. The aim is to encourage concrete ways to form more inclusive nature-urban environments which enable a more harmonious coexistence between humans and other species.

The films will be presented through the Oslo Architecture Triennale digital channels, and the fellows will be invited to share their work and reflections in a round table discussion in Oslo during the Autumn of 2024.