LINA Library | Custodians: Water the flowers, clean the volcanoes

LINA Library | Custodians: Water the flowers, clean the volcanoes
1 Nov 2024 — 23 Apr 2025

Barcelona, Spain
Organised by: dpr-barcelona

We deeply believe in open access and eschew the notion of appropriation of knowledge by a few ones, making profit based on the intellectual efforts of a whole community. That’s why we also believe in the power of the network to re-invent the ways we all can share, and discuss the knowledge in books, and analogous form of building common knowledge in cities. 

The custodians, understood as the ones who care and share knowledge, is an initiative that started as a support to SciHub and Library Genesis, two activist libraries supporting open access publications confronting fire-walled academic publishers. For the LINA Library 2025 we will select up to two fellows to curate a series of books reflecting on the need to support open knowledge in times of compulsive commodification, and establish dialogues with the editorial production of LINA members and fellows, and the topics they address.

Collaboration profiles

We're seeking for curators, designers, architects, philosophers, activists, enthusiastic about books and cities, as spaces for open access of knowledge. Applications from subaltern and under-represented groups are especially welcome.