sustainability and urban regeneration for Crotone

sustainability and urban regeneration for Crotone
Improving the quality of life for the world's population and safeguarding our planet is our obsession.

Parma, Italia
Team members
Antonio Ciampà
Field of work
Architecture, Urban planning, Landscape architecture, Ecology, Visual Art
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Project submitted

ACstudioArchitettura is an architecture studio based in Parma, Italy. The studio is mainly dedicated to the design of residential and commercial spaces and research in the field of architecture in connection with sustainability. The founder of the studio, Architect Antonio Ciampà, also holds the position of professor at Parma high school, teaching a course on sustainability and research into new technologies for mobility.
Currently, the studio is involved in projects at national level, in Architectural Design and Masterplanning with the aim of creating architectural solutions that can improve architecture and the surrounding environment.
Antonio Ciampà has been involved in Architecture, Urban Planning and Visual Arts over the years, collaborating with international studios where he has deepened his knowledge and relationships and Italian foundations. The last two projects realised by the studio have been published in some Italian architecture magazines, where one could admire the research, recovery and desire to innovate through history.
The interest in urban planning and urban regeneration learnt during his studies first and work afterwards have led him to deepen his knowledge and present some proposals and ideas for southern Italy with the aim and desire to help an area that is still underdeveloped.

For those who study the city, 2007 is a historic moment in which it is found for the first time that more than half of the world's population lives in cities, and estimates speak of more than 60% of the world's population living in cities by 2030. These figures make us reflect on the problem of cities and their overcrowding, and in this regard the concept of sustainable development that combines economic efficiency and respect for the environment is called into question. Making the city sustainable also means devising a new model of society.
Climate change is now perceptible on a daily basis, and the south of Italy is among the areas most at risk given the increase in temperatures and lower rainfall in this area over the last decade.
The project on the City of Crotone embraces numerous themes: Architecture, Sustainability, Mobility and Urban Regeneration. Themes that have a single purpose: improving the quality of life for the population and safeguarding the planet.
Sustainability is the pivotal point of the entire project, and this objective is addressed by the creation of an entire offshore wind farm, at sea in order to harness the power of the wind, which has a strong daily presence in the Calabrian region and particularly in the Ionian Sea. The offshore wind farm in front of the harbour is designed to meet 100 per cent of the daily energy needs of the entire project area thanks to the large amount of energy produced by the wind farm.
Another strong point of the sustainable project is the presence of pedal power, in the project's urban park and on the roofs of the commercial activities, which are designed as panoramic terraces overlooking the sea. Thanks to the installation of pedal power and the help of man, they are able to supply energy to the terrace and the lighting of the entire urban park where the other pedals will be located. Everything leads one to think that trees nowadays have become fundamental for absorbing fine particles and CO2.