Superfluid: Culture in Motion

Superfluid: Culture in Motion
Superfluid creates experimental cultural horizons with architecture as a creative power in the values transposition and identity empowerment.

David Radović, DR3S/L
Podgorica (Montenegro) and Belgrade (Serbia)
Team members
David Radović
Field of work
Architecture, Design, Landscape architecture, Engineering, Research
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Public space
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I am an architect from Montenegro, currently a PhD candidate in Architecture and Urbanism at the University of Belgrade - Faculty of Architecture, researching the landscapes, heritage, cultural and socio-economical revitalization of the rural and urban areas. At the faculty, I am a Researcher in the Laboratory for architectural and urban design in protected environments and a Teaching Associate for master design studios with a theme of heritage and protected areas. Having graduated with a bachelor thesis <Spectrum architecture - Climate-adapted architecture> at the Politecnico di Milano, and with a master thesis <Atmosphere as a mode of communication of memorial architecture> and a master project <Horizon planning: Memorial park July 13th> at the University of Belgrade, I followed my interests further in practice and research. On a voluntary basis, I am a representative of Montenegro in the Youth Special Task Force for the Western Balkans of the Europa Nostra, developing projects for the shared heritage. My previous experience includes eight years of professional practice in architecture and conservation of cultural heritage, as well as three years of government experience in the Directorate of the Chief State Architect within the Ministry of Ecology, Spatial Planning and Urbanism of Montenegro, with a focus on quality control and improvement of design, development and promotion of architecture, jurying in international urban-architectural competitions, representing the ministry at international conferences, organizing country's participation for La Biennale di Venezia, etc.

Superfluid: Culture in Motion is the conceptual project that concerns strengthening of a place’s specific natural, historical and cultural context by creating new cultural public spaces. New spaces are formed by site-specific approach with the purpose of creating the new landscapes of culture. Research and design is based on mapping, connecting cultures through social and spatial ethics and constructing the spaces with the use of experimental architecture and land art. The space should create a place of memory, it being experimental and temporary but with the opportunity of becoming permanent in the cultural horizon. The project is envisioned as transferable so that various approaches to the use of public space can be applied in different locations. The project is in the concept phase but has a developed research and design research methodology, proposed initial locations, and predicts numerous activities such as networking, collaborations, workshops, study visits, gathering data, construction, exhibitions, film production, etc. It has a potential to be a part of the projects concerned with heritage that are being developed by the Youth Special Task Force for the Western Balkans of the Europa Nostra. The impact of the project reflects in accentuation and transposition of the cultural values, empowerment of identities, community involvement and solidifying the role of architecture as a creative power of resistance. The spaces representing the culture will create a learning and gathering space for different generations and interested parties, with knowledge as a reciprocal value. The project aims to ferment new approaches of values coherence and nutrition and their materialization and presentation in the cultural horizon. The anticipated output is the cooperation with universities, local governments, NGOs, foundations, cultural and tourist associations, and the materialization of proposed experimental spaces.