Rolling Through Utopias

Rolling Through Utopias
photo by Aistė Marija Stankevičiūtė
Introducing radical utopian urban planning ideas through new play environments

Vladas Suncovas
Vilnius, Lithuania
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Vladas Suncovas
Field of work
Architecture, Design, Urban planning, Visual Art, Other
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Public space
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Vladas Suncovas graduated from Vilnius Academy of Arts (BA) and the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (MA). He uses architecture, design and technology to create spaces and tools that they require. V. Suncovas develops his creative practice by making art in public spaces, scenography, exhibition design, architecture, installations, experimental furniture and educational projects. His work is characterised by contextual playfulness, modular systems, deployable constructions, mechanical engineering, as well as transformation of space through conceptually based, often critical solutions.

My idea is to introduce radical urbanism ideas to a broader audience while creating original play environments. For most of us playgrounds is the starting point of our social development and understanding of individual and collective spatial needs, possibilities and limitations.
Installation "Rolling Through Utopias" I created for the outdoor theater festival in Vilnius. Families spent their time playing mini golf while at the same time learned something about radical urban planing ideas from the past. I believe that spatial diversity and conceptual approach in playground design could be a key element in raising critical problem solving minds for tomorrow.