Sustainable Salt

Sustainable Salt
Elisa Honkanen
Crystallised salt as a coating

Elisa Honkanen
Designer keen on finding sustainable solutions.
Field of work
Architecture, Design, Ecology, Research
Project category
Raising awareness
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I am an industrial designer specialising in furniture, products, and materials. I've gained experience collaborating with well-known design studios in Europe, such as Piero Lissoni in Milan, Patrick Norguet in Paris, David Chipperfield Architects’ Milan office, and Foster+Partners in London.
I have strong experience developing industrial products together with manufacturers as well as drawing bespoke furniture for architecture.
After Foster+Partners, I’ve worked with several manufacturers. In my personal work, I like experimenting with materials and techniques, and I am especially interested in finding connecting surfaces for the virtual and physical worlds.

I got interested in salt as a coating when I learned of the excess salt created during the desalination process. At the moment this salt is streamed back to the sea causing changes in marital environment.

Ephemeral quality of salt makes each piece more intriguing, in right conditions object could last centuries, but careless handling will destroy it immediately.

Salt is not easy material to work with, it dissolves in the water and corrodes metal, however in arid areas salt formations are strong and stable, and in object scale the glimmering of crystallised salt creates unique effect.

To be able to control the form, salt is crystallised on the surface of a structural material. In this study I have used recycled PET, as I wanted to combine two elements that are abundant in marine environment: plastic waste and salt.

Experimental design is perfect form when studying new materials and techniques. Unique pieces will provide testing ground and raise awareness with small investment. Results can be applied in larger scale, even in industrial production.

Salt coating is created by immersing the structural material in supersaturated salt solution. Particles attach better on inclined and porous surface. In larger scale applications salt could be plastered or sprayed on the surface.