FRAU* schafft Raum

FRAU* schafft Raum
FRAU* schafft Raum - facade ©Christoph Kleinsasser
woman creates space - art space dedicated to the topic of femicides and violence against women
Vienna, Austria
architecture studio exploring the multifaceted intersections of social questions, art and architecture.
Team members
Saya Ahmad (initiator, organization)
Menschenrechtsbüro der Stadt Wien
Lisa Eder (graphic design)
Anna Ennemoser (curator, organization)
Batja Ferch (artistic documentation of the space)
Laura Frediani (architecture, organization)
Frauenserviceder Stadt Wien MA 57
Christian Sapetschnig (initiator, organization)
FRAU* schafft Raum Team
Field of work
Architecture, Research, Other
Project category
Raising awareness
Project submitted

Laura Juliane Maria Grazia Frediani,

is working and studying in Vienna through Her collaborative efforts with artists and colleagues explore the multifaceted intersections of social questions, art and architecture. Her last project, "FRAU* schafft Raum", is a gallery dedicated to the topic of femicides. She worked at the Vienna University of Technology and contributed to the Vienna Design Week. In 2021 she was co-editor of "Archdiploma 21", an exhibition and publication featuring international multidisciplinary figures from the current architectural discourse. Her insights into Austrian architecture are shared as a freelance author for "Il Giornale dell'Architettura", Italy. Currently, she is researching the architectural work of Bernard Rudofsky in theory and design with the focus on "Lebensweise" (way of living).

The project at Nußdorfer Straße 4 in Vienna emerged from a pressing need to address not only the tragic femicide that occurred in the small tobacco shop in the center of the city but also broader societal issues, including violence against women and the need for public spaces that foster dialogue and reflection. Initiated as a response to the somber history of the location, the transformation into Frau* schafft Raum was driven by a desire to create a dynamic platform for discourse on women's issues within the urban context. Developed through collaborative efforts with artists, experts, community members and the city of vienna, the project sought to repurpose the site into a feminist art space that serves as both a memorial and a hub for discussions on societal challenges. Exhibitions at Frau* schafft Raum change regularly, providing diverse perspectives on violence against women and engaging the public in critical conversations. One of the most successful aspects of the project is its ability to repurpose a space marked by tragedy into a symbol of resilience and solidarity. The renaming of the square located in front of it to "Ni-Una-Menos-Platz" amplifies the project's impact, connecting it to a global movement against violence on women. Additionally, the architectural design of Frau* schafft Raum effectively balances historical continuity with modern interventions, creating a space that is both visually striking and sensible to the context. Looking ahead, the project has the potential to continue evolving as a catalyst for social change and urban resilience. By maintaining its focus on addressing sensitive topics within the urban fabric and fostering dialogue on women's issues, Frau* schafft Raum can further contribute to ethical and social implications. Its success lies not only in its physical manifestation but also in its ability to inspire ongoing conversations and action.