From time to time

From time to time
Piece no 69 - Haus Karl Schneider
An artistic approach to making the complex issues surrounding the sustainability of architecture accessible.

OFFBEAT (Michael Hennings)
Hamburg, Germany
OFFBEAT conducts artistic research into the aesthetics of a climate and socially responsible built environment.
Team members
Michael Hennings
Field of work
Architecture, Ecology, Visual Art, Research
Project category
Raising awareness
Project submitted

OFFBEAT is an artist and researcher working in the fields of aesthetics and sustainable architecture with a wide range of creative approaches. His work includes large-scale murals, sculptural wall objects, sculptures and digital photomontages, all dedicated to the theme of aesthetics in climate and socially responsible building.
His artistic research focuses on exploring the aesthetic qualities of a sustainable built environment. He considers topics such as the value of existing buildings, the sustainability of beautiful architecture that is considered worthy of preservation through its appreciation, the economical use of energy, challenges such as urbanization and the careful use of resources.
An important part of his work is to make the relevance of these issues accessible to people outside the architecture bubble. He uses artistic-activist approaches to communicate everyday existing architecture and circular construction methods. He uses means such as juxtaposition, adaptation, abstraction and addition to analyze the built environment and point out its aesthetic and sustainable qualities.
His particular achievements lie in building a bridge between art, architecture and sustainability and, through his work, raising awareness of the importance of an environment designed in a climate and socially responsible way. His aim is to use aesthetic approaches to change people's awareness and perception and thus make a positive contribution to sustainable change.

The work initiated by OFFBEAT is based on the use of an artistic formal language to address and thematize the diverse issues of a climate and socially just built environment. The focus is not on prestigious objects, but on everyday buildings that are placed in context through interaction with their surroundings. This approach makes it possible to establish references and achieve a differentiated classification through an ongoing series of works.
A key feature of the work is the consideration of "time" as an aesthetic component. This aims to take into account the condition and situation of the building, for example whether it is about to be demolished, is undergoing renovation or has been newly constructed. This consideration of time introduces a further dimension into the discussion about sustainable architecture.
The work was initiated with an awareness that art and aesthetics offer a unique opportunity to address complex issues such as the environmental crisis and the social impact of spatial culture in an accessible way. The development of his work has been through continuous exploration and experimentation with different artistic mediums and concepts.
So far, it has been found that looking at the aesthetic component of 'time' is particularly effective in raising awareness of the changes in the built environment and deepening the discussion about sustainable architecture. His work has already contributed to people thinking about and discussing these issues.
For the future development of the work, a further deepening of the examination of the topic "time" as well as an increased cooperation with other actors in the field of sustainable architecture is planned. OFFBEAT is convinced that its work can continue to help raise awareness of the need for a climate and socially responsible environment and contribute to the discussion about possible solutions.