(At ) Home

(At ) Home
(At) Home is a survey of the current way of living in an unruly residential neighborhood in Zagreb and a research of life in a residential street.

Tajana Levojević
Zagreb, Croatia
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Tajana Levojević
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Architecture, Urban planning, Research, Other
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I graduated from Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb in 2021. Since graduation, I have been working at established architectural studios, but would like to focus more on personal research projects in the future. Areas of interest include housing, mathematically precise representations of intangible things and exploring the use of architectural drawing.
I have been awarded at the 56th Zagreb Salon of Architecture and Urbanism and was invited to be one of the lecturers at a student DA! festival. As a student, I was awarded at the Days of Architecture – Banja Luka 2019: Re housing with the project 'Stvari'.

The project is one in a series of possible reactions to the current state of life in a residential neighborhood in Zagreb. It examines the current reach of established urban planning tools; considers whether the urban planning of a plot can be transformed into the urban planning of a street when there is no possibility for a new urban planning project at the level of the entire neighborhood, and whether the image of the city can be influenced by individual actions. It touches on the issue of actual housing needs; from the financial capabilities of users, expanding families, changing users and/or content to whether we need a kitchen to dine or a room to sleep. Solutions, problems and irregularities are recorded on the level of the plot, in the street and in the neighbourhood. They are so numerous and specific that they have become a way of life, and are built into the solution. The project consists of four parts: field notes, regulations, manual, field guide.

I didn’t have a predetermined vision of the outcome when starting the project. It manifested as a strong need to do a research on the level of a residential street in a very messy neighbourhood, and I decided to do it even if it meant failing my master thesis. So, I decided to do the research as a part of my master thesis and succeeded by slightly embelishing the application because research projects were not allowed.
At the end, it was frowned upon, but I got to experience and realize the way I work and want to work in the future, shifting the accent on the process. I would like to continue working on this project by testing the system over a span of 50+ years - in the same street and the same plot, with a change in a number of residents - upsizing and downsizing, selling of the house, moving the house to a different plot, reusing the building parts, etc.
Also, I wouldn't mind further investigating ideas that I am currently thinking about and developing which are connected to acummulation of daily life.