Stromboli - Afterlife

Stromboli - Afterlife
Giacomo Arrigo
The island of Stromboli, as isolated and distant from modern society as it may be, still serves as a mirror of the world and humanity.

Giacomo Arrigo
Marseille, France
I'm a curious filmmaker and photographer keen to study the ever-changing environment through visuals
Team members
Matteo Brizio
Chiara Indelicato
Salvo Quinzi
Field of work
Film, Photography
Project category
Raising awareness
Project submitted

I'm an italian self-thought freelance filmmaker and photographer based in Marseille, France. After a period working into the corporation system I've made the transition to filmmaking and photography, leaving behind my shoulders the capitalist world. After a first period of assisting photographers and directors, I've gone into my own path. I've realized my first ever short documentary last year, which is running into various film festivals. On the photography side I've made a project about hippies communities while traveling in the south of Spain which has been published in a magazine called Perimetro and exposed in a festival. My main interests in my personal work are on minor communities and climate crisis.

"Stromboli – After life" is a fascinating documentary that reveals the unique bond between a volcanic island and its vibrant community of artists. Set against the backdrop of breathtaking landscapes and the sheer power of an active volcano, this film takes viewers on a visual and emotional journey. Meet the talented art creators who call this island home as they draw inspiration from the ever-evolving volcanic terrain. Through intimate interviews and stunning footage, "Stromboli – After life" explores how the island's fiery nature fuels the creativity and resilience of its artistic community. It highlights how the artistic community responds to specific events that destabilize the balance of an already fragile ecosystem. A territory not only threatened by natural events but also subjected to human-induced torture, such as the fire provoked in May 2022, which triggered a chain reaction, including the subsequent flooding in August 2022. The documentary intends to showcase the stories behind their masterpieces, the challenges they face, and the deep bond they share with the island's natural wonders. "Stromboli – After life" is a celebration of art, nature, and the indomitable spirit of those who dare to create amidst the forces of nature, but also a description of how Stromboli, albeit small and isolated, mirrors a world in turmoil.