artwork by EX FIGURA
HyperNature is the vision for the future of agriculture, considering its redefinition, through design and architecture, to be in sync with Nature.

Paris, France + Milan, Italy
EX FIGURA is a creative studio, combining art, design and architecture into a new flow that better explores the context and everything it provides.
Team members
Francisco Silva
Barbara Stallone
Field of work
Architecture, Design, Visual Art, Curating, Research
Project category
Food system
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EX FIGURA is at its core a multidisciplinary studio that operates with different forms of art. Combining the knowledge and experience of people working with art, architecture, design and others, the goal of every project is to create a strategy that, taking advantage of the site, can put forward an experience that is meaningful towards anyone that uses it. After designing and building multiple spaces and objects in different parts of the world, such as Paris, London, Milan, Porto, among others, the studio always sees it as fundamental to collaborate with various people from many backgrounds in every new endeavour.

Agriculture has a major impact on land use. Half of the world’s habitable land is used exclusively for agriculture. This has resulted in the destruction of wild habitats and the loss of many species - a great threat for biodiversity and the sustainability of the planet itself.
And as the economic drive pushes agriculture to produce more, the remaining landscapes will eventually be similarly exploited.
One of the worst consequences is the disproportionate use of freshwater, that through its inefficient use, results in a dramatic waste.
The practice of agriculture is leading to a drought. Lands dry and fauna and flora disappear. In the end, only a great desert will remain.

How to deal with the impact of agriculture?
And how to feed an ever growing world population?
In order to recover the land’s original ecosystems, we started to imagine ways of increasing the surface without impacting the ground.
With everything concentrated in slim towers, the site can remain untouched.
Vertical farming is an existing method but only in very small scales. It relies on machinery and computers that render the entire production automatic.
Without human error, the entire process is totally efficient - better use of electricity, water and other means - to generate any type of food in any place with the minimum of resources.