Air Cleaning Plants in Architectural Projects

Air Cleaning Plants in Architectural Projects
Photo by Dragica Ohashi
Herbal Architecture is sustainable solution for harmful air pollution and climate change problem

Dragica Ohashi
Skradin, Croatia
Field of work
Design, Ecology
Project category
Public space
Project submitted

Dragica Ohashi- Designer/writer born in small village near Skradin, Croatia.
Trained in traditional media and digital art, design and photography techniques.
Poetry Book and Art “Peace Harmony”, India, 2019
Art Dream Journal Mini Book with poetry and art, RBC, 2006, Tokyo, Japan
Illustrated a story The Biggest Bubble (written by Rachel Wilson) for American School Elementary
Library in Tokyo, Picture this; 2010. Japan
Books for Tomorrow; Project 2011. Japan

Planes and car engines emitting harmful particles and chemical toxins such as benzene, carbon dioxide, also covering the land in concrete cause climate change and global warming. Herbal Architecture is sustainable solution for harmful air pollution and climate change. Aromatic green herbal gardens filtering carbon footprint from the sky. Waterwise vertical gardens save water, Mediterranean plants are drought tolerant and can survive long time without water. Walls planted blankets, panels, iron decorative garden fence helps and supports plants growing vertically, we can design garden net mesh for climbing plants created from recycled materials such as used plastic shopping bags.
Social sustainability-education about horticulture + Environmental sustainability-clean water and good quality air.
Green walls, filtering towers, plants covering facade, organic garden installations indoors and outdoors, roof gardens etc, all these projects helping to improve environment.
Plants like basil purify the air indoors, also is editable plants, and suitable for tea and herbal infusion. Sunflowers clean air from radiation, aloe vera is medicate plant, mint and eucalyptus helping to breathe and they are ingredients for herbal candy, toothpaste, peace lily plant removes mold from the air, benzene and acetone, English ivy absorbs chemicals from new house. We can choose plants as green choices for home decor and health benefits; also, interior designers can be trained how to decorate buildings and public spaces with air purifying natural plants, not artificial.