Observatório Urbano / Urban Observatory

Observatório Urbano / Urban Observatory
Image Credits: Inês Soares, OU
Urban Observatory is a platform dedicated to the built space that surrounds us.

Observatório Urbano / Urban Observatory
Lisbon, Portugal
Team members
Manuel Caldeira
Carolina Helena
José Martins
Inês Soares
Field of work
Architecture, Urban planning, Ecology, Communication, Research
Project category
Raising awareness
Project submitted

Our team is made up of young professionals trained in Architecture, motivated by the active role they can play in improving the environment in which they live.

Urban Observatory is a platform dedicated to the built space, aiming to broaden the debate around the themes that define it and, therefore, matter to all of us.

Portugal, which has always lacked a rigorous urban planning culture, has problems such as difficulty in accessing housing, the desertification of historic centres, the segregation of vast areas of the city or the congestion of crucial circulation axes, the result of years of poor management.

The present and the future can be different: the demand for better responses from the structures and institutions that have decisive power in these matters also comes from a more active civic participation and from professionals invested in cooperating to improve the world we inhabit.

Urban Observatory intends to be this place for debate, where everyone is welcome. Here we collect useful information, we support the means to facilitate access to ideas, concepts and laws that day after day design the urban spaces of today and tomorrow.