Resilient Spirits:The Bogdan Bogdanovic's Hurqalya

Resilient Spirits:The Bogdan Bogdanovic's Hurqalya
The silhouette of Bogdanovic in front of his memorials is a powerful image that reminds us of the importance of visionary thinking in architecture and urban planning.
In this immersive project, we celebrate the transformative power of design and the enduring impact of one visionary soul.

IDEAA Mostar
Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Team members
Slaven Aničić
Selma Bijedić Pozder
Sulejman Demirović
Senada Demirović Habibija
Emina Isić
Field of work
Architecture, Design, Urban planning, Research
Project category
Raising awareness
Project submitted

We are the passionate and visionary team behind Urban House IDEAA, a dynamic laboratory dedicated to exploring the profound interplay between design, emotional states, and the real social needs of our ever-evolving society. With a collective background in architecture, design, and community engagement, we have come together to create a platform that fosters a profound understanding of how design shapes our cities and the lives of their inhabitants. As a diverse team of architects, urban planners, designers, and social researchers, we each bring our unique expertise to the table. Collaborating seamlessly, we fuel our endeavors with creativity, empathy, and innovation, always striving to make a positive impact on the world around us. At Urban House IDEAA, we are fascinated by the transformative power of design. Our keen interest lies in uncovering how thoughtful, inclusive, and sustainable design solutions can enrich the fabric of our cities and enhance the well-being of their communities. We seek to create spaces that evoke emotions, foster connections, and contribute to the betterment of society as a whole. Urban House IDEAA is not merely a space; it is a melting pot of ideas and conversations. Within our vibrant public hub, we invite the community to engage in lively exchanges, explore groundbreaking art stories, and partake in eye-opening programs that delve into the intricate relationship between design and society. At the heart of our endeavor lies a steadfast commitment to making a difference. By fostering a deeper understanding of design's impact on the emotional and social fabric of our lives, we aim to inspire collective action towards more livable, inclusive, and harmonious urban environments.

"Resilient Spirits: The Bogdan Bogdanovic's Hurqalya" is a title that suggests a project related to the work of architect and urban planner Bogdan Bogdanovic. Bogdanovic was known for his innovative and visionary approach to urban design, particularly his concept of Hurqalya, which represents a utopian vision of a city that is sustainable, human-centered, and spiritually fulfilling.
The concept of resilience has become increasingly important in urban design and planning as cities face unprecedented challenges related to environmental and social sustainability.
The title also suggests that the work may focus on the impact of Bogdanovic's ideas and projects on contemporary urban design and planning. Bogdanovic's work was ahead of its time and his ideas continue to inspire architects and planners today. By exploring his work and concepts, "Resilient Spirits" may offer insights into how we might reimagine our cities and communities for a more sustainable and equitable future.
Overall, "Resilient Spirits: The Bogdan Bogdanovic's Hurqalya" is a project that aims to contribute to the ongoing conversation about innovative and sustainable approaches to urban design, with a focus on creating resilient and equitable communities. As part of the project "Resilient Spirits: The Bogdan Bogdanovic's Hurqalya", we will be conducting a series of workshops and activities to engage a broad audience in the conversation about innovative and sustainable approaches to urban design. The workshops will be led by experts in the field of architecture, urban planning, sustainability, and social justice, and will be designed to provide participants with hands-on experience in applying Bogdanovic's ideas and concepts to contemporary urban design challenges.
By providing participants with hands-on experience and expert insights, we hope to inspire new ideas and approaches to creating resilient and equitable communities.