A Matter of Time

A Matter of Time
Image by Philipp Kitzberger
An explorative enquiry into the attending of the material and the constitution of the we. The ongoing imagining of porous voices.

Philipp Kitzberger
Vienna, Austria
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Philipp Kitzberger
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Architecture, Visual Art, Photography, Research
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Raising awareness
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Philipp Kitzberger (*1996 in Wels, Austria) is an Austrian architect. After studying in Vienna, Austria and Aalborg, Denmark, he recently graduated with a master’s thesis on the understanding of matter through time and the material practices that such a thinking potentially evokes. At the intersection of design, arts, theory, imagining and writing he is interested in spatial, societal, and philosophical questions at the core of sustainability concerns and material-temporal issues.

Who is we when we speak of sustainability?
Who is we when we speak of a relation between ourselves and nature?
Who is we when we speak of a relation between ourselves and matter?
Who is we when we speak? (of all these things)
To approach questions of sustainability and the being in this world, it seems that we need to come close to the questioning subject, the asking we. Who is even asking those very questions and how are they articulated in the spacious field of material practice? What are the terms (in a true temporal sense) and the phrasings (in an expressive notion) that we juggle with (in as dynamic and struggling for balance as you can imagine)?
A Matter of Time is a project striving for an explorative gesture that takes a material-temporal angle and begins from intricate relations and immersion. Through the terms of the material and of the tempus, a space is created in which voices can take place, in which matters of the ‘we’, of the material, and of the making of world can be continuously negotiated. It is a matter of how to attend and how to talk, the forming of a tentative language to be close and be of this world.
We are imagining narrative spaces defying the directed line and its unambiguous continuity. We delve into the possible space of the colliding and cross-contaminating of writing and images, of text and imagining, to explore opportunities for voices to become resonating through one another. Voices that are hurtful and of vanishing nature, of gestures that are situated for they stem so crucially from material connectedness, and of weaving notions of talking that are porous and leave gaps of ongoingness.
It is where boundaries get blurry, for we are entwining and entangling without definition. It is where we get so close that we can hardly discern what it is that we see any more. It is here that an answer of architectural concern might be found, in the most temporal sense, in the most ambiguous and asking manner; in a matter of time.