Portoscript: Find your way

Portoscript: Find your way
Photo: Laura Prikule, painting: Laura Prikule, this piece is an experimental image using different techniques and referring to the street art aesthetics.
Gain subtle experiences reading and interacting with text and image in the streets.

Laura Prikule
Riga, Latvia
Team members
Laura Prikule
Field of work
Architecture, Visual Art, Photography, Curating, Research
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Public space
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I am an artist working with images, text, and experiences in the urban art context. I have received my MFA from San Francisco Art Institute. Currently, I am based in Riga, Latvia, and Porto, Portugal. I have been participating in exhibitions, creating workshops, translating books, and writing visual essays.

#Portoscript: Find your way is a Practical Design Tool I have developed for an enhanced experience for the urban traveler.
I want to organize urban walks based on a graffiti and street art flash card set.