Contaminations from Mars

Contaminations from Mars
COLLIDING FLOWERS _Acrylics on canvas_cm.205 x 120 This work explores the way two flowers would meet in the Universe
Contaminations from other worlds, could be contaminations from Earth.Ecology is the main subject of my works and I would like to exhibit them

Fiona Liberatore
Bugnara AQ Italy
I am a contemporary artist, I am a Superhero searching for the light
Field of work
Ecology, Visual Art, Multimedia, Film, Research
Project category
Raising awareness
Project submitted

I live and work in a little village in Abruzzo, Bugnara AQ Italy.
After having achieved a High School Diploma in Fine Arts in Cassino FR Italy, I have continued my studies in the Academy of Fine Arts in Aquila Italy where I brilliantly graduated with First Class Honors. My artistic training developed for years with Fabio Mauri ,with whom I have exhibited in various art shows.
I have also exhibited worldwide with important artists met during my artistic journey and in numerous solo shows in highly qualified cultural venues.
Some of my works belong and are exposed in the Museum of Rivisondoli AQ Italy, others are part of private collections. I imagine myself as a Superhero exploring parallel worlds, I fly over the mountains, over the clouds projected towards the sun, towards the serenity of a deep forest environment or in the depths of the sea where now one and nothing can be hurt.The world has become narrow conceptually, so I decided to take my exploration beyond the boundaries of the imaginable. I suddenly realized that the image of the superhero is actually a self-portrait, where I am born again in other disguise, having a mental big bang . The exploration of new ways of producing the images that appear in my imagination is always food that gives me energy for new and infinite works.
The mediums I usually use are : acrylics on canvas, watercolors on paper, and I like to create 3D paper collages and popups. I am of course always open to new mediums and techniques. I love making moving videos with parts of my works, blending together various forms and sounds.

The world has become narrow conceptually, so I decided to take my exploration beyond the boundaries of the imaginable. Paintings , drawings ,popup paper sculptures and 3D collages in paper with images of superheroes in the guise of flowers.I immagine pushing a flower in the Universe, would it remain intact as there is no air, no humidity, what would happen if this flower accidentally bumped into the atmosfere of a planet, a flower is so light, so I immagine it to float down on this planet, so what would happen next? Would it create new life? Would it disintegrate? Would it stay there forever in solitude? I then realized that the image of the flower, the superhero is actually a self-portrait, where I’m born again through a mental big bang somewhere in a different time, a different world….my works are dreams of delicate encounters, of serene environments, of brutal reality banging on my door.
I am creating a new body of works on the subject, 3D paper collages, big canvases painted with acrylics, pastel drawings on paper ,watercolors on paper , videos and paper popups.
I would love to exhibit all these works as to involve the public in the environment theme, I would let the public draw and paint on some of my works as to create more ideas for a better future, in this way people being involved would better understand and think about the matters at hand as pollution etc.