Dominium Terrae

Dominium Terrae
Wilhelm Scherübl
Dominium Terrae delves into contemporary concerns (Gender, Ecology, Racism, Capitalism), with each chapter offering critical reflections on one topic.

Wilhelm Scherübl
Vienna, Austria
Wilhelm employs the art of reality distortion to shed light on pressing contemporary issues.
Field of work
Architecture, Visual Art, Multimedia, Film, Research
Project category
Raising awareness
Project submitted

Wilhelm Scherübl (no pronouns) engages in both media art and architecture, delving deeply into societal and political themes. Works center around distorting reality through texts and images, grounded in current issues and trends. Further development occurs through speculative and fictional narratives, aiming to highlight absurd trends and actively contribute to averting potentially dire outcomes.

Wilhelm's works have been showcased in various international contexts. In addition to artistic pursuits, regular publications of architectural utopias occur every two months on the online platform

With a wealth of experience in delivering lectures, conducting workshops, and engaging with universities, Wilhelm shares knowledge and information, highly valuing dynamic exchanges with students and fellow educators.

Dominium Terrae aims to spotlight contemporary societal shortcomings, prompting individual reflection and behavioral change.

It envisions future museums exploring our era, with each chapter (Gender, Ecology, Racism, Capitalism) offering a visitor's perspective, questioning behaviors and illustrating shifts. This critical lens examines societal stagnation and missed opportunities for action.

Underlying the narrative is the concept of a collective consciousness, curated by an AI from all data that we submit to the Internet / Data Clouds. In this envisioned future, only machines remain on a planet powered by the everlasting sun.

Dominium Terrae is currently in the publication process, with texts finalized and image creation underway.