Rebuilding Remote Islands

Rebuilding Remote Islands
Envisioning Future Communities: Embracing Nature's Principles to Bridge Urban and Natural Ecosystems, Revitalising Life for All Beings.

Laurence X Alexander
Dublin, Ireland
Team members
Alexander Buckeridge
Laurence Mac Donald
Field of work
Architecture, Design, Film, Photography, Research
Project category
Rural spaces
Project submitted

Introducing Laurence and Alexander, a creative team that is transforming the landscape of design and architecture. Laurence, a pioneering industrial designer at Light Phone, has a unique talent for merging functionality and aesthetics, creating products that are user-centric, meaningful, and seamlessly integrated into everyday life. His designs encapsulate the human element, ensuring that every product serves its purpose while also enhancing the user's experience and interaction with the world.

In contrast, Alexander is a visionary architect and the respected director at Snarkitecture. His work is characterized by sustainability and a deep understanding of the experiential aspect of architecture. Alexander's creations are more than built structures; they are living narratives of their environment, offering immersive experiences that redefine the interaction between space and user.

The collaboration of Laurence and Alexander manifests a perfect fusion of product design and architecture, seamlessly incorporating wellness and mental health considerations into their work. They understand the profound influence our environments and the products we use daily have on our well-being. This understanding drives their commitment to creating designs that are not only visually appealing but also promote a healthier interaction with our surroundings.

Their shared vision is one of a world where design enhances quality of life, promotes sustainability, and creates aesthetically pleasing environments. Through their combined expertise and innovative approach, Laurence and Alexander are demonstrating that good design is about more than just appearance; it's about making a positive impact on the world and the people who inhabit it.

Rebuilding the fabric of rural Ireland on an offshore Island, using nature as a base to shape the environment for people needing to heal through harnessing Nature's Power to Renew and Restore we imagine a future where people connect back to nature through farming, crafting and reconnecting with traditional methods to rediscover traditions and find new ways to live in the future. 

From staying on the island, residents will learn and take back with them a piece of the island. Ways they can find better balance in life, reframe and restart. The hope is we improve the quality of life for society, being more self sufficient, Harnessing Nature's Power for Transformation.

On the island the synergy of ancient wisdom and modern innovation is shaping a future where rural communities thrive, and individuals rediscover their sense of purpose and connection to the Earth.

Inspired by the vision of harnessing Nature's Power to Renew and Restore, we envisioned a future where people could reconnect with the natural world, embracing traditional practices and sustainable living. The project's development was driven by the belief that by rediscovering age-old traditions, we could find innovative paths to coexist harmoniously with nature.

Through an amalgamation of farming, crafting, and learning ancient wisdom, we sought to reignite the spark of tradition in rural Ireland. As residents engaged with the island, they find themselves immersed in an environment that fostered personal growth and transformation. 

The experiences gained during their stay served as invaluable tools, enabling them to carry a piece of the island back to their lives.