Beyond the City

Beyond the City
Dave Rice
A story of hope, change and redemption

Yanesca Millans
Dublin, Ireland
Field of work
Architecture, Design, Research
Project category
Raising awareness
Project submitted

I am an architect specialising in upgrading existing buildings to make them more sustainable, profitable and user-friendly.

I developed my master's studies on how to apply environmental psychology and the third place theory to shape our built environment.

Most recently I have worked with human specialists and alike in understanding human behaviour trauma, collective beliefs and how it has made the systems we inhabit and how can we create better systems, cities, neighbourhoods, and lives.

Our built environment, as we know it, has been shaped by a male-driven force seeking rapid and profitable development over organic and sustainable living causing a profound imbalance in society, the world, and the systems that form them.

Our cities are the reflection of a segregated society that builds homes in isolated housing states and workplaces in overcrowded cities and then fabricates fossil-burning cars to spend several hours in traffic travelling between these places.

My work explores the polarities and incoherence of our world and how is reflected in the built environment through fiction storytelling.

My aim is to open the discussion about these issues and to challenge the way we, as a society, are shaping our lives and our built environment.