Architecture without barriers

Architecture without barriers
Spreading the idea of ​​architecture among the entire community.

Zagreb, Croatia
finebutmoldy is a platform for architectural flux and meanings in Croatia.
Team members
Ria Tursan
Field of work
Architecture, Urban planning, Ecology, Communication, Research
Project category
Raising awareness
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Ria Tursan, an architect working and living in Zagreb, with interests outside that territory. Graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb in 2019 with a natural theme. Along with the Rector's award, I see participation and nomination at the 50th, 53rd and 56th Zagreb Salons of Architecture as a great step forward in my student creation and questioning, along with several commendations from the faculty council. The winner of the Europan 15 award - Karlovac, which was successfully implemented in spatial plans. Former member of the Studio UP team, where I incorporated all my cultural knowledge into project ideas. Winner of the second award of Europan 17 - Makarska, for a project that questions the state of Mediterranean architecture and lifestyle. In my spare time, through education and criticism, I actively test the limits of architectural thinking using available virtual media, with an emphasis on science, art and sustainability as multi-purpose tools. I am currently starting my own studio for experiments in architecture.

Knowledge about architecture, urbanism, town planning, rural, natural, territories, details,... is very low in the wider community. An attempt to change that is this platform, finebutmoldy, which conveys observed thoughts and experiences in and about space in a quick, concise, simple way. The goal is to improve the overall built and unbuilt environment through teaching.

Thanks to the launch of the finebutmoldy, I made a number of contacts with people in the artistic and scientific fields and spread knowledge about architecture through the general population, which the profession can profit from.

For the further development of the platform, additional inputs and help in regulating the work itself are needed, in a way to try to find out how to make people even more interested in architecture and the space that surrounds them, so that they too understand the beauty and quality that architects can provide them with good solutions. The goal is a better understanding of spatial actors and the profession, as well as their needs.