The Maiskind Pop-up: where diversity, art, and community come together in Cologne transforming urban spaces with inclusivity and creativity

Mumbai, India
Chaal.Chaal.Agency is a circle of architects and urbanists that utilize research-design and design-build to reimagine the contexts we inhabit.
Team members
Kruti Shah
Sebastian Trujillo Torres
Field of work
Architecture, Design, Urban planning, Research
Project category
Project submitted

CHAAL.CHAAL.AGENCY is a design-research practice that works between Ahmedabad and Bogotá.
The nature of our work has allowed us to enquire into issues and potentialities particular to Global South urbanisms as templates for global imaginations, with the aim of triggering larger transformations through small interventions that usually involve visionary clients, inquisitive students, allied organizations, and proactive communities.
Our field of operations is formed by various convictions that ultimately aim at reengineering infrastructural systems. We understand infrastructures as the techno-political spaces and processes that allow settlements to work and can range from movable devices, inserts, and architectures, to urban and ecological systems. Our work, in that manner, ranges across scales and outcomes, between the speculative and the practical, and between different degrees of success and failure. Experiments envisioned towards more self-sufficient, equitable, and cohesive environments.

The Maiskind Pop-up is an innovative urban design intervention aimed at fostering community engagement, artistic expression, and inclusivity in the public spaces of Cologne, Germany. Inspired by the ethos of maiskind, an enchanting transdisciplinary community that celebrates diversity, queerness, and ancestral rituals, the Maiskind Pop-up brings the spirit of unity and creativity to life in tangible form.

This intervention consists of a modular and easily transportable set of pieces designed specifically for performances and gatherings in public spaces. These pieces are adaptable to various environments, allowing maiskinder to transform any urban setting into a vibrant stage for their artistic expressions and communal experiences.

At its core, the Maiskind Pop-up embodies the principles outlined in the maiskind manifesto, emphasizing respect, care, engagement, and joy in all interactions. It aims to create a safe and inclusive space where people from diverse backgrounds can come together to practice dance, spirituality, and connectedness while challenging norms and fostering a sense of belonging.

Importantly, the intervention is guided by a code of conduct that prioritizes awareness of one's surroundings, respect for personal boundaries, and a zero-tolerance policy towards discrimination of any kind. By promoting consent, inclusivity, and mutual respect, the Maiskind Pop-up seeks to create an environment where everyone feels welcome and empowered to participate, regardless of their artistic background or physical abilities.

Through its innovative design and commitment to community values, the Maiskind Pop-up represents a powerful intervention in urban space, transforming it into a dynamic arena for artistic expression, connection, and social change.