Digital Craft

Digital Craft
Digital Craft for pets- A personalised dog muzzle throgh fablab based production
The reserch aim to share the expiernce on designe botique product with less waste and more clean energy.

Rome, Italy
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My name is Fjolla. I am an architect with an experience of design practice on particular emphasis of cultural development and common good as well as international professional exchanges. I am interesting to share my last research as well as to expand my network and find new partner to collaborate in the future projects.

The ability to transform digital data in to the physical object is open door to re-build more environment friendly enter chain of life cycle of product; starting from production while making a selection of row material, the way it distribute till the end of chain how they reach at consummator point.

The biggest advantage of digital fabrication is the precise production. It enables production by using less material and produceing less waste. The ability to partial automation of the production process contribute on saving intensive- time and heavily-consumptive tasks. Consequently, repetitive physical work is reduced by replacing it with new possibilities for developing designs, new skills or product iterations. Beside changinge the way how products are designed and made, digital fabrication can be used also to repair a product, in this way it can contribute to extend the lifespan of products.

The main advantage of using digital fabrication seems to be the freedom to producing locally and be able to distribution globally. At this point is important to not be limited only in physical world possibility. Combination of the physical (actual ) reality and virtual reality, open the doors to re-adapt traditional skills with new tools. New approaches between real and virtual creates possibility to generate new systems.

During my master thesis, I manage to create an inovative business model for a startup. Moreover, I was able to design and make a product (dog muzzle) that is personalize according to dog personality and measures which it is manufactured on fablabs.