Vanguard Muses: Drawing for Subversion

Vanguard Muses: Drawing for Subversion
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Subverting Hidden Arts and Architectures with the Power of Drawing

Vanguard Muses
Madrid, Spain
Vanguard Muses presents us with unexplored, visionary female narratives in art and architecture through avant-garde drawing and creative subversion.
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Luciana Levinton
Mara Sanchez Llorens
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Landscape architecture, Visual Art, Curating, Communication, Research
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Raising awareness
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Architect and Doctor in Architecture from the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM). Assistant Professor at the Department of Graphic Design of the ETSAM of the UPM. She is undoubtedly one of the experts on the work of architect Lina Bo Bardi, which has been the focus of her research since 2001. Her doctoral thesis, "Objects and Collective Actions of Lina Bo Bardi", has become an award-winning book that has won several national and international awards. She is also coauthor of the book "Ray Eames and Lina Bo Bardi: The Journey as a laboratory". She is the curator of the first exhibition held in Spain on the Italian architect: "Lina Bo Bardi: Tupi or not Tupi. Brazil 1946-1992", Fundación Juan March 2018. She recently participated in the documentary "Lina Bo Bardi. From glass to clay", directed by Josep María Montaner and Jacobo Sucari (2021-2022). She combines her professional architectural practice with research, writing and teaching in Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Sweden, Germany and Italy as an expert in art and architecture, urban regeneration, planning and design. Her latest projects, "Musas de Vanguardia" (IG: musas_de_vanguardia, which is part of the travelling exhibition "Architecture and feminisms" at the Cervantes Institute) and "Houses by Women: Inhabiting Landscapes" lead her deep into the recurrent in her work theme of architecture, drawing and women.

Vanguard Muses aims to transition its project from social media to a tangible book, recognizing that art resides in the everyday. We advocate for drawing to become an accessible practice for all ages, reinforcing the idea that creativity can be found in the ordinary. Our publication aspires to materialize these inspiring stories and turn them into a tangible experience for the audience, reflecting the significance of art in our daily lives.
Our project redefines architectural historiography by highlighting women's contributions, subverting conventional norms, and exploring themes such as migration, gastronomic rituals, and the connection between humans and nature. From Lina Bo Bardi to Leonora Carrington, we celebrate diverse voices and their ecological consciousness.
Through engaging dialogues and artistic interventions, we foster a dialogue between historical muses and contemporary artists, aiming to inspire new generations and promote sustainability. Our collaboration with various cultural institutions enhances accessibility and amplifies the impact of our initiative.
Originally conceived with children in mind, Muses of Vanguardia has evolved into an inclusive platform for all generations. By intertwining scientific perspectives with artistic expression, we invite the audience to explore the rich diversity of women's contributions to spatial culture.
Vanguard Muses is a dynamic effort to amplify the voices of female creators, using drawing and creative expression to forge a more equitable and sustainable future.
The project aims to showcase inspiring female creators, addressing habitat, ecology, and migration. It uses drawing and research as tools for thought to promote a sustainable future. It highlights creators from art and architecture and fosters dialogue between contemporary and historical muses and artists from diverse fields. It documents muses' archaeology through biographies, drawings, images, audio, conversations, and interviews.