Scanning you - The Radiology Museum's Last Breath

Scanning you -  The Radiology Museum's Last Breath
Photo by Anantha Krishnan. The person in the photo : Renaat Van den Broeck
Preserving the Past, Illuminating the Future: Unveiling Radiology's Architectural Legacy

Anantha krishnan
Brussels, Belgium
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Anantha krishnan
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Film, Photography
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I am a documentary filmmaker and cinematographer who studied cinema at the Hungarian Film School and Luca School of Arts in Belgium. I studied in Tata institute of social science -community media, Bombay as well before heading to Europe. My work got nominated for Vilmos Zigmond ASC HSC Film Festival and Camerimage Festival Poland, under the category of the art of cinematography. He was selected for the International Documentary Masterclass "Interdoc 2022" in Belgrade, Serbia, and the Terre de cinema cinematography campus Kodak-supported cinematography program in Italy 2023. Currently, Ananthakrishnan is developing a feature documentary with Sound Image Cultural Lab, with support from my project awarded the Filmmaker's Residency by De Aeuters-2020 in Brussels, Belgium, and the BAC Film Artist Residency Program 2020 in New York, USA. Additionally, he was an Asia-Pacific Environmental Impact Lab Film Fellow at Engage Media in Australia. I am unconditional follower of chess and instrumental music. I work as a freelancer in Brussels, as a cinematographer, I may have to work with lighting and grip services such as NEP, Media Pro, Demensen, Halifax, Watts, and Lust for Light and Hamlet tv to pay bills. I am Skilled in fiction lighting, grip works rigging, and LED light rigging. Trained under notable professionals such as well known Gaffers Gideon Vanessen and Patrick Haegeman, camera operator Bert Temmerman, and steady cam operator Nicolas Savary AFC SCO.

"Evolving Shadows" is a visionary project that embraces the urgent need to address the environmental crisis and its profound ethical and social implications, with a particular focus on the realm of spatial culture. At its heart lies a deeply rooted desire to preserve the architectural legacy of a radiology museum in Brussels, Belgium, while exploring the multifaceted connections between art, preservation, and the evolving landscape of our planet.

The initiative for "Evolving Shadows" was born from a profound appreciation for the radiology museum's historical and cultural significance, juxtaposed against the existential threat of permanent closure.The project evolved through a passionate and introspective journey, uncovering layers of meaning in the museum's architecture and the radiographers' stories. The filmmaker collaborated with a team of like-minded individuals, including researchers and co-directors, to explore the audio-visual possibilities that would resonate with audiences on a deeper level. The project's impact extends beyond the museum's immediate situation, as it brings to light the intrinsic link between architectural heritage and the preservation of cultural memories, echoing the broader environmental crisis we face. Looking ahead, the director envisions "Evolving Shadows" as a driving force for change and a catalyst for fostering a sense of responsibility towards our planet's spatial culture. In conclusion, "Evolving Shadows" stands as a testament to the potential of art and cinema to ignite conversations, spark imagination, and shape our collective response to the environmental challenges that lie ahead. As the world grapples with pressing ethical and social implications, this project emerges as an essential touchstone for meaningful exploration, reflection, and transformative action on a global scale