Echoes of the Earth

Echoes of the Earth
Edible Plant Workshop by Planting Solidarity
Experimenting with sounds in our neighborhood and beyond–we connect the food, urban, and social systems we engage daily.

Planting Solidarity Co.
Porto, Portugal; Basel, Switzerland; Zurich, Switzerland.
Planting Solidarity is an international association promoting the visibility of food and land solidarity projects.
Team members
Marie Tina Asoh
Daniel Boris
Angela Häusermann
Luma Vidal Weinhardt
Field of work
Design, Urban planning, Landscape architecture, Ecology, Research
Project category
Food system
Project submitted

Marie Tina Asoh has roots in Cameroon and Madagascar, but grew up in Canada. After completing her Bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture (2018), Marie Tina moved to Switzerland in pursuit of further education and practical experience. Marie Tina has worked for various landscape architecture offices while pursuing her MAS in Housing Development at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (2022). In 2023, Marie Tina founded Planting Solidarity, and has been committed to storytelling through research, documentation and music.

Daniel Boris was born in Fortaleza, Brazil, living in Porto, Portugal, since 2017. Currently developing a PhD thesis at the Center for Research on Territory, Transport and Environment (CITTA-FEUP) about the correlations of Sustainable Food Systems and Spatial Planning. Interested in multiple references from urban planning, photography and literature, and have already participated in a collective artistic project in Porto named Des/oriente (2023).

Luma Vidal Weinhardt, with roots from Brazil, has ventured through the fields of economics and industrial design. Now pursuing a Master's Degree in Industrial Design at Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst Basel, Switzerland, she aims to merge design with principles of circularity, sustainability, and social responsibility. Luma strives to create solutions resonating with both individuals and communities, driving progress towards a more sustainable and equitable future.

Angela Häusermann was born in Switzerland and spent her developing years in Portugal. She is the co-founder of Planting Solidarity. Angela’s academic background focused on Economics and Spatial Development, which led her to write her Master’s Thesis on “Experiments and Improvisation in City Development”. Her working experience in organic plant breeding and interest in food systems led her to explore the themes of associative democracy, collective organization, various exchange formats, and land as a commons.

ECHOES OF THE EARTH is an immersive, interdisciplinary project that explores the interplay between sound, nature, and urban environments, facilitated by the association Planting Solidarity and collaborators. The proposal addresses the challenge of reconnecting humans and the socio-ecological systems where they belong. It draws from the architectural notion of Soundscape (“an acoustic environment as perceived by humans”) and Bioregion (“a territory where inhabitants and nature co-exist and co-create”) to explore how sound and other sensorial experiences can help to restore nature-human interactions. Through distinct approaches, Echos of the Earth proposes a platform for innovative uses of different (im)materials resources to shape the “invisible” dynamics, reverberating the territory. The concept presents unique approaches to the topics of land, humans, and nature, following the knowledge of a multi-disciplinary team based in Zürich, Porto, and Basel. Planting Solidarity emerged from the need to practice collaborating within an interdisciplinary format, utilizing formal and informal knowledge to develop our methodology and research questions. While our backgrounds are rooted in academia, we question how we can transcend the barrier of knowledge sharing to include a broader range of perspectives. The proposal offers a collaboration between Portugal and Switzerland, highlighting our potential case studies. Therefore, we aim to compare, contrast, emphasize, and raise the visibility of the invisible threads that connect us to our land and communities. Our methodology would include neighborhood walks, ethnographic-driven research, workshops, exhibitions, sound installations, and events to attract a diverse public to engage and reflect upon the related issues.


Planting Solidarity Co.
Planting Solidarity Co.
Marie Tina Asoh has roots in Cameroon and Madagascar, but grew up in Canada. After completing her Bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture (2018), Marie Tina …

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