Abitare collettivo a Milano

Abitare collettivo a Milano
Around architects and Biro+
The research aims to map, catalogue and reflect on residential building examples built or under construction between 2015 and 2025 in Milan.

Around architects and Biro+
Milano, Italy
Around architects and Biro+ are two architectural firms who collaborate together to develops architectural, research and urban projects based in Milan
Team members
Luca Attardi
Fabio Bovio
Francesca Suaria
Field of work
Architecture, Design, Urban planning
Project category
Project submitted

We are a team of architects based in Milan working in the field of architectural design with strong focus on the housing topic with projects spanning from interiors to masterplans. The team members have studied and worked in Italy and across Europe.

Luca Attardi. After completing his studies in architecture at the Polytechnic of Bari and the ETSA of Seville, Luca worked as an architect in Spain, Italy and the Netherlands. From 2017 to 2021 he worked at DROM in Rotterdam where he collaborated on the implementation of projects at different project scales. In particular, he followed masterplans for residential and industrial complexes, recovery and rehabilitation of residential buildings and interior design in Russia, Belgium and the Netherlands, including the winning proposal for the Europan14 competition in Amsterdam. He is a partner of the AROUND architects studio.

Fabio Bovio. After obtaining a degree in Architecture at the Polytechnic of Bari in 2016, Fabio worked as a design architect in England, Italy and the Netherlands. In Rotterdam where he began his experience as an architect at CMA architects dealing with residential and hospitality projects. From 2018 to 2021 he was part of the Concept & Development Studio team at EGM Architecten in Rotterdam, where he worked mainly on healthcare and residential projects. He is a partner of the AROUND architects studio.

Francesca Suaria. She completed his studies in architecture at the Polytechnic of Bari and the ETSA of Seville and has worked in various international contexts. From 2016 to 2018 he worked as an architect in the Kjellgren Kaminsky studio in Gothenburg (Sweden) on residential projects. Since 2018 he has collaborated with the Lombardini22 studio in Milan, where she deals with interior design and workspace. She was an assistant at the Department of Architecture and Planning of the Polytechnic of Milan as part of the architectural composition course. She is a partner of biro+ studio.

The project starts by reflecting on the theme of new collective residences outside the perceived city walls as an “infinite set of small things,” examples of widespread residential models that constitute the daily life of living in less consolidated areas.
The research aims to map, catalogue and analyze building examples built or under construction between 2015 and 2025, reflecting on the current and future horizon of collective housing in Milan. In conjunction with the research, an open-source digital archive is launched, which collects the identified projects and will include future additions by the promoters or external contributors.
The 160 interventions identified are shown on the map, and an initial analysis using maps and thematic diagrams is proposed.
Thanks to the collaboration of the intervention designers and promoters, we are proceeding with the creation of an archive of thematic sheets dedicated to each project.
This research's preliminary results will be presented during the prestigious Milan Archweek 2024. This will provide a valuable resource for urban planners, architects, and researchers interested in collective housing and urban development in Milan