AΔA kolektiv - film screenshot O:TVORENO [INDOOR]
Proactive & participative investigation & (re)activation of (abandoned, neglected, unused, misused or abused) public & shared spaces or neighborhoods.

AΔA kolektiv
Belgrade, Serbia
Team members
Stefan Radošević
Majda Ranitović
Luka Višnjić
Field of work
Architecture, Landscape architecture, Multimedia, Film, Research
Project category
Public space
Project submitted

[ Chapter 1 ]

AΔA [ada: art design architecture] kolektiv is transdisciplinary collective formed by architects Stefan Radošević and Luka Višnjić. The activity of the collective is based on professional and research work and production of projects and artifacts in the field of architectural, urban, interior, landscape and furniture design and art.

Beside common studio work, we are engaged in spatial activism and education through developing experimental initiative " O:TVORENO * ".

As part of ongoing initiative, through participative design workshops, film and lectures we have realized different site-specific projects and proactively turned the problems of local public spaces into their potential.

* in Serbian O:TVORENO is word play of two meanings:
OTVORENO = to be open (the space),
TVORENO = to be created / made (the place)

[ Chapter 2 ]

SPACE PUNK > The initiative started spontaneously, as a camp site, which spatial and social characteristics of social equality, self-organization and DIY design, was translated into working methodology in common spaces.
By investigating public spaces and their relationships with society and nature, through self-initiated initiative and place-making, we encourage inclusion and participation of local communities in the educational processes of design and construction on site-specific projects.

The methodology framework is developed through phases:

1) Opening the Space, based on cognitive-research work through learning, drawing and planning where participants explore the potential of a particular public space through their own ideas and intervention suggestions, using cognitive-interactive sheets, maps and workbooks of actual spaces.
2) Creating the Place, based on collaborative practical actions through construction and applied design where participants create a place in a particular space, building on the current context, often using recycled materials found on sites.
3) Additional theme. In spatial terms, that is a contextualization of specific project. In terms of working with participants, it is an additional education. Thus, it is always architecture + something else (micro-urban planning, ornithology, botany, etc).
4) Film, as a documentary and research media that follows the actions, complements the initiative and preserves the places in digital space.

SWING FUNK > as a symbol of O:TVORENO initiative, it represents a simple carefree element of playing in the function of celebrating children and youth, given as our gift to the communities. Also, as a ready-made element, the swing becomes an instrument for mapping the (problem of) space or the (potential of) place, inviting the participants to dialogue.

NEW CAMP > Initiative tends to spread across the countries and communities. The swings are tuned up. Let's funk space punk!