Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality
How architectural elements within residential environments can elevate the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Chen Ben shitrit Lejuste
Grenoble France
I am an architect and curator, I investigaite the nerative of HOME through my practice , independent research , exhibtions and collaborations.
Field of work
Architecture, Design, Curating, Research
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Project submitted

I am an architect, born in Israel and mother of two daughters aged 6 and 2. I have lived along the southern, northern, and central shores of Israel for 30 years, in a country where conflict is permanent and critical thinking is a necessity. I have always been curious about foreign languages, starting with Arabic and English in high school, then Persian during military service. A foreign language is not only a structure of thought but also a reflection of a culture. Having access to it is an opportunity.
After military service, I enrolled at theIsrael Institute of Technology in the architecture department. My professional life as an architect began in Tel Aviv. In 2015, I participated in session 25 of the MAGASIN School at the CNAC Grenoble. Designing exhibition spaces provides an opportunity to deconstruct architectural elements, approaching each element as a dissociated object from its constructive and functional quality - a wall, a surface, a source of light.
In the exhibitions I curated, the narrative of HOME is strongly present. Since 2018, I have owned my architecture company, Macary Bensh Architecture, where I continue to develop and rethink those spaces where humans spend most of their time, the apartment, the Home.
We are specielised in housing renovation and collective projects.
This allows us to constantly question, challenge, create, and rethink issues related to the concept of habitat.
Being the second generation of a uprooted family, from Morocco to Israel; personally experiencing this migratory passage between Israel and France directly questions the meaning of "home" and its derivatives. This enriches my perspective, and the discussion becomes much broader than the subject itself.
Habitat reflects society, cultural habits, urban contexts, and economic means.

I aspire to create dwellings that, beyond meeting regulations and programmatic requirements, reflect everyday life.

When considering the living experience, one does not necessarily think about the reality that arises from it; rather, one first thinks about the need. The living space is intended to fulfill that need.
I want to propose a different relationship system, a potential of expanded possibilities that can address the need in the broadest sense possible: connection between people and their environment, space that encourages community, space that promotes a healthy lifestyle, a healthier society, a better reality overall.
Connection among us as human beings to everything that surrounds us, in our immediate and distant environment. A relatively stable relationship system fosters an empowered experience of existing elements, empowering a better human experience on a daily basis.
This is a proposal to see the living experience as a natural experience beyond the usual framework. Instead of responding to the daily routine, I returned to my roots to find my strength, my natural elevation, my excitement, as a society that experiences empowerment, interacts with technological advancements, and addresses the human need to develop a more meaningful existence.
My proposal entails an installation, an experiment, or even an interactive immersive exhibition. It's an experience dedicated to meticulously curated elements that enhance and elevate our living experience. Whether presented in a simple or sophisticated manner, employing high-tech or low-tech methods.

This experiment could take the form of an exhibition featuring industrial design or craftsmanship objects crafted by artists and architects. Through this showcase, I aim to impart knowledge gleaned from personal experience and research. Delving into objects relevant to everyday life, I seek to delve into empowering aspects of our lives, exploring how rituals, cultural experiences, and relationships are manifested through these objects.