Boxed life

Boxed life
'Boxed Life'. By Miranda Namicheishvili and Vazha Kavlelashvili
Architecture often represents the daily life and characteristics of it's inhabitants.

Tbilisi, Georgia
Team members
Vazha Kavlelashvili
Field of work
Visual Art, Multimedia, Film
Project category
Raising awareness
Project submitted

I'm Filmmaker from Tbilisi, Georgia. I have made several short fiction and documentary films as a director and scriptwriter. I also have an experience as a video editor, music composer and sound designer. My latest short fiction has won the first prize at International film festival 'Prometheus'.
My team member - Vazha Kavlelashvili is painter, videographer, mural artist, Illustrator and musician. He has won several local art competitions such as 'Niko Doritos 2020' mural art competition.

As a post-soviet country, Georgia's architecture is still stuck in old times, this affects it's citizens and their daily lives significantly. It is really challenging to lead modern, decent lifestyle when you are surrounded with ugly buildings from not so pleasant past. Tbilisi's architecture is really mixed - from old soviet-style buildings to modern skyscrapers with big windows. While paying attention to it, I have noticed that buildings represents it's inhabitants characteristics and their daily lifestyle. It definitely has big influence. It becomes almost impossible to modernize society when it's people are being haunted by ghosts of distant path. For last several decades Georgian people have been struggling to move forward and build up new, better country. However, this process turned out to be rather heavy and slow, sometimes it goes backwards, and I think that environment plays big part in this.
With this work, I wanted to express this concern. I think that audience will see clear parallel between humans and their houses that is shown is the film.