Seeds on Wheels-SOW: Empowering Urban Food Systems

Seeds on Wheels-SOW: Empowering Urban Food Systems
Sowing Seeds of Change: Mobilizing and Educating Communities for Sustainable Food Practices through mobile pop-up events and public space activation.

SOW Router
Coimbra / Lisboa
Collaborative platform that João & Ariana use for their shared experiments in the creative nexus of food systems and public space design and research.
Team members
João Pedro Archer Pratas
Ariana Marques da Silva
Field of work
Architecture, Design, Urban planning, Ecology, Curating
Project category
Food system
Project submitted

We're a dynamic duo of architects and urbanists, driven by a shared passion for food, sustainability, and urban change. Through our practice, we aim to create vibrant and livable city’s spaces and communities.
We bring a unique blend to our work, combining creativity with a deep understanding of urban dynamics and an expertise in urban food systems (João) and public space production (Ariana).
With a creative approach and a diverse background, they delve into projects ranging from small-scale (DIY) to urban planning, constantly seeking co-creation opportunities with a central focus on urban food systems, public space and participatory approach.
Our research focuses on the intersection of cities, climate emergency, food systems, public spaces, nature based solutions, aiming to foster sustainable local development.
Our journey together has been marked by notable achievements, including winning competitions like Best Business Idea Award: Go Green Go Social 2023 organized by NOVA FCSH + Santander Universities, or Foo[d]tures: An Open Call for Youth-Led Sustainable Visions organized by Foodwave, Comune di Milano, ActionAid & IED.
Currently, we are working on the launch of the pilot for our project SOW.
Also ,as a co-founder of the Association for Feeding Sustainable Cities, João actively advocates for integrated solutions to urban challenges, promoting low-emission, nature-based, and circular development practices.

Seeds on Wheels (SOW) is a transformative movement in the realm of food education and awareness that operates through pop-up events and tactical placemaking. Our mission is to propel the transition towards healthy, sustainable, and local diets in collaboration with local institutions, businesses, and authorities. By fostering better practices within communities, we aim to bridge the gap between sustainable local businesses, changemakers, and consumers.
SOW functions as a dynamic hub, adapting to local needs and agendas, fostering synergies and cultivating new connections within communities through curated community events, and the establishment of an online platform.
At the core of our approach lies the activation of public spaces. Through our mobile pop-up events, SOW revitalizes underutilized urban spaces, turning them into (temporary) vibrant hubs for education, awareness, and community-building about sustainable practices in foodsystems. By bringing people together in these public spaces, we foster a sense of ownership and connection to the local environment, empowering communities to reimagine and reshape their foodscapes.
Furthermore, our online platform serves as a digital extension of these physical activations, mapping local stakeholders and facilitating connections to drive innovation and collaboration. By compiling a comprehensive database of key players in the urban food system, the platform enables cross-sectoral mapping that can inform research, and decision-making processes.
Through these combined efforts, Seeds on Wheels aims to not only educate and raise awareness but also inspire tangible action towards sustainable and resilient urban food systems. By harnessing the power of food and public spaces as catalysts for change, we empower communities to become active participants in the redesign of their urban landscapes, creating healthier, more vibrant, and more sustainable cities for all.