BASIS-0000 (impactor)

BASIS-0000 (impactor)
Mark Balint
Geometries of Human Impact

Mark Balint (17BB3)
Lisbon, Portugal
Team members
mark balint
Field of work
Architecture, Urban planning, Visual Art, Multimedia, Research
Project category
Raising awareness
Project submitted

With a background in architecture, Mark Balint, as a conceptual artist & architect, explores the interstices of human interaction and the influence of spatial reliefs on various forms of coexistence through the theoretical conception of space. In order to depict these, he has developed a multidimensional approach that spans a wide spectrum of media, including installations, experimental works, film, visual art and the creation of immersive and sensory spaces. Through his multidisciplinary approach, he visualizes the interface between emotional, environmental, and digital spaces, inviting viewers to reflect on dynamics of human interaction and the spaces we inhabit.
He is a diverse and multidisciplinary spatial thinker with a genrefluid way of communicating specific concepts, theories, ideas and visions with a collaborative approach.

"BASIS-0000 (impactor) - Geometries of Human Impact" is a multimedia installation driven by my deep curiosity and concern about the intricate relationship between humanity and the environment. By integrating real-time data streams on diverse aspects of human activity, I create tangible geometries that visually represent our collective impact on the world. Blending technology, data processing, and artistic expression, the installation transcends statistics, providing viewers with a profound and immersive encounter. It aims to instill a sense of interconnectedness,responsibility and relation, raising awareness of the environmental and social implications of our choices. Through this transformative experience, I hope to inspire individuals to reflect on their role in shaping the world and encourage conscious and sustainable actions, fostering a harmonious relationship between humanity and our shared environment.
The first geometrical constellation i want to showcase in the frame of production are "Global Loss Events"