Kailum Graves
Cosmos, or A Chronicle of Life’s Incredible Order, Complexity, and Remarkable Struggle Against Entropy and Resistance of Decay

Kailum Graves
Witten, Germany
Kailum Graves is a multi-disciplinary artist who documents the disappearance of clear boundaries between culture, environment, and technology.
Field of work
Visual Art, Multimedia, Film, Photography, Curating
Project category
Raising awareness
Project submitted

Kailum Graves is a multi-disciplinary and conceptual media artist critically obsessed with the artifactual digital object. Through artworks, writing, and curatorial projects he investigates the hidden and invisible structures of power. While this interest stems from very personal experience and is a way for him to begin to understand, accept, and deal with his own complex post-traumatic stress disorder (c-PTSD), angst, anxiety, and depression, his work addresses ideas, metaphors, images, themes, (dark) humour, feelings, and symbols which are universally shared (the nuances of human existence).

Career highlights include being exhibited at the Australian National Portrait Gallery; international exhibitions in the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Greece, Mexico, Switzerland, China, Brazil, Denmark, Iceland, the Netherlands, Russia, Croatia, Portugal, Poland, Malaysia, Spain, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, South Korea, and the United States; being a finalist in numerous international and national art awards; special mention in the 2023 Arte Laguna Prize; participation in an international conference in Mexico City; residencies in Skagaströnd, Berlin, Beijing, and Changsha; speaking engagements at the 2018 Critical Animals Creative Research Symposium; winning the inaugural BigCi and Red Gate Gallery artist residency exchange program; receiving a year-long Fellowship at the Kulturforum Witten, Germany; being awarded a funded residency, commission, and exhibition at PLAN8T; being featured in Digital America; being exhibited in The Wrong Biennale’s Art Television series, which was awarded Top Ten Art Exhibition Artforum; receiving Arts Queensland and Australia Council funding; winning the 2016 Clayton Utz Art Award; and being acquired by the Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery’s permanent collection.

'Cosmos, or A Chronicle of Life’s Incredible Order, Complexity, and Remarkable Struggle Against Entropy and Resistance of Decay' is an ambitious visual project depicting the universe's history and the complex web of life within it. Initiated from a lifelong fascination with cosmic existence, the project aims to blend historical, cultural, religious, philosophical, and scientific perspectives into a cohesive visual narrative that emphasises the universe's vast complexity against a backdrop of increasing entropy. Starting with a detailed 150,000-word timeline, the project progressed into a five-hour abstract, frame-by-frame visual representation of key cosmic events, from the Big Bang to contemporary societal developments. This portrayal not only highlights human achievements and natural wonders but also the harsh realities of human conflicts and environmental impacts. Serving as both an educational tool and a reflective medium, it challenges viewers to consider their role in the universe and their environmental impact. Future developments include expanding narratives through collaborations with experts and incorporating interactive elements like virtual reality to enhance educational outreach and engagement. By documenting the transformation of physical and cultural landscapes over time, "Cosmos" connects deeply with spatial culture, emphasising our environmental responsibilities and advocating for sustainable practices to address ecological challenges.