Photography: Klemen Ilovar
Rethink rainwater! Don't waste it—transform it into a vital resource. Explore strategies for optimizing space utilization in a sustainable manner.

Ljubljana, Slovenia
Team members
Sara Badovinac
Sara Škarica
Field of work
Architecture, Design, Curating, Research
Project category
Raising awareness
Project submitted

SARA & SARA, a spatial practice comprising Sara Badovinac and Sara Škarica founded in 2022. They specialize in exhibition design, spatial and urban interventions, fair setups, and product design. For exhibiting illustrations, they created a mobile display unit called "Illustrators' Corner" for the Center for Illustration, showcasing and selling works by selected artists both domestically and internationally. The exhibition system will also be presented at the Frankfurt Book Fair, featuring numerous Slovenian illustrators. For the project "Fairytale Studio," they received the Golden Cube 2023 award, presented by the Center of Architecture for outstanding cultural and artistic activities. Sara&Sara are shortlisted for the international award Termoli - architecture and design section at the Macte Museum. They designed a light installation, which attempts to raise awareness of the growing danger of floods for the international Lighting Guerilla Festival 2023 in Ljubljana.

Our vision embraces innovative principles, like dreaming big with small objects. We aim to create meaningful designs with modest elements. By connecting diverse experts, we develop solutions that benefit the environment, economy, and society on a local level. Our work extends beyond exhibits, revitalizing spaces by seamlessly blending exhibitions with architecture to create immersive experiences. Whether crafting temporary installations or enduring structures, we strive to find the perfect balance in every design. Our projects aim to evoke emotions and foster connections. Nature's diversity is something we cherish, and we promote ecological harmony. We also prioritize inclusivity, embracing a feminist perspective. Through redefining spaces and inspiring emotions, our goal is to be positive agents of change in the design world.

As we face the consequences of climate change, including rising waters, challenges lie ahead. However, we have the opportunity to adapt and find solutions.
For lighting festival in Ljubljana, we designed a lighting installation where we tried to raise awareness about the mounting peril of floods. Our project involves a lighting simulation depicting the movement of floodwater. A dynamic buoy mimics rising sea levels, acting as a poignant reminder for future space planning, characterized by the uncertainty of environmental changes. Public awareness and education play a role in fostering a culture of preparedness and resilience.
Sustainable flood mitigation strategies are essential to protect vulnerable communities from the escalating threats. Rainwater harvesting and reusage is another pivotal aspect. Across history, communities have employed ingenious, vernacular solutions to collect and store rainwater. An inspiring example of such sustainable efforts is Enghaveparken in Copenhagen, that is an example of innovative rainwater collection and reusage systems. By employing design and incorporating traditional principles of rainwater harvesting, the park efficiently captures rainwater and repurposes it for irrigation and other uses. In urban areas, the concept of "sponge cities" is gaining popularity. These cities implement measures like permeable pavements, green roofs, and constructed wetlands to absorb rainwater, reduce runoff, and mitigate flood risks.
Through art, awareness-raising initiatives, and comprehensive research on flood management and rainwater reusage, we can strive towards a more sustainable and resilient future. Embracing historical, vernacular rainwater collection practices while exploring innovative technologies will pave the way for a harmonious coexistence with nature. Our mission is to gain a profound understanding of our environment, its intricate systems, empowering us to adapt, protect, and secure a brighter future for generations to come.